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The 2023 Carcassonne Film Festival pays tribute to Cedric Jimenez


The 5th edition of the International Political Film Festival opened yesterday evening at the Palais des Congrès in Carcassonne in front of more than 600 spectators who came to discover the opening film for the occasion, Houria by Mounia Meddour. The event takes place from January 12 to 16, 2023.

Carcassonne Film Festival 2023: an already record year!

After a 2022 edition signing a record attendance, the Carcassonne Film Festival almost never saw the light of day in 2023. The director of the event, Henzo Lefevrerecalls the precariousness of this event, yet garnering popular success: “ 10 months ago, we lost 60% of funding, making it difficult to hold the Festival in 2023“.

It is therefore time to rejoice for this cinematographic event, saved thanks to the pugnacity of its producers, the association Regard Camera and the city of Carcassonne. In 2023, the consecration is already assured with reservations announced as already exceeding the total number of spectators for the 2022 edition. The President of the Festival, Etienne Garciawould like to emphasize that the Festival is becoming a meeting of magnitude with an audience coming from ” from 23 different French departments“. For the young entrepreneur, such a meeting around cinema is important: “ we leave the rooms in a different state from the one in which we entered“.

Festival Expansion

Louis Julien Small Carcassonne 2023
© Guilhem Guinot

The Carcassonne Festival is taking advantage of this 2023 edition to bring some new features to its programming: the creation of a selection dedicated to short films, a new restaurant area called the “festival lounge” where it is possible to meet the film…

The feature-length fiction and documentary competitions are attracting ever more professionals with this year 350 films viewed by the various selection committees. In the end, the various selections include 37 films, including 34 previews, from 19 different countries.

This year, the Carcassonne Festival is resolutely turning towards young people with a school program offering 100 students from the Occitanie region the opportunity to come and discover 7 feature films from the perspective of image education.

The political event is also associated with the association Extraordinary to offer young people with mental disabilities the opportunity to come and spend a day of initiation to cinema. Highlight of this great initiative, the arrival of the director Louis Julien Petit (Squad) who met these young people.

Highlights of the Festival: exceptional presence of Vincent Lindon and Cédric Jimenez

The Carcassonne Festival invites the actor this year Vincent Lindon who, at the artist’s request, comes to share a masterclass with the people of Carcassonne. The film Timeout by Eve Duchemin with Karim Leklou is announced as a world premiere. We also find at the end of the event the documentary All the beauty and the bloodshed of Laura PoitrasLgolden ion at the last venice festival.

The opening ceremony was an opportunity to devote the talent of the director Cedric Jimenezincluding his two films, November and In the sight of all, were offered earlier in the afternoon. On the scene, Henzo Lefevre emphasizes the strength of the filmmaker for ” revisit topics“.

For the director, the director of North ferry is ” an example that cinema has of the future“. As the director takes the stage to receive an honorary award, he calls Gilles Lellouche, his favorite actor. The latter makes a declaration of love to her by loudspeaker: Cédric changed my life as an actor and he is changing French cinema“. The Festival is well and truly launched!

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