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Tatiana Eva-Marie pays tribute to the swing of Paris


Parisian nostalgia sequence in the musical department. Tatiana Eva-Marie, recently on the poster of Swing date in the cinema, publish Djangology to celebrate the charms of the Latin Quarter like that of New York. Bulles de Culture introduces you to the artist.

Tatiana Eva-Marie: when reality and fiction mix

Singer Tatiana Eva-Marie returns with a brand new minimalist project celebrating the guitarist’s music Django Reinhardt, the inventor of gypsy jazz. Released on January 23, his latest album Djangology bears this title because it highlights the music of Django the composer, with her own original lyrics and arrangements, and thus becomes a new collection of Django songs.

“I grew up in gypsy jazz circles, dominated by swarms of guitarists – it’s not always easy to fit in as a singer! The microcosm fascinated me and I too wanted to participate in Django’s repertoire… I saw only one option: I had to write my own texts, tell my own stories, reinvent his music in my image. » she confides to us. Through lyrics in English, French, Romanian and Romanesque (Gypsy language), Tatiana tells herself in English, French, Romanian and even Gypsy lyrics.

And in the feature film Swing Rendezvous of Gerome BarryTatiana Eva-Marie makes a remarkable appearance because an old jazz standard launches the plot of the film. “I loved the idea of ​​mixing reality and fiction. We shot in the places I frequent, in my apartment, with my wardrobe, with my musician friends who play their own roles, with original music performed live. And then I had to step into the shoes of a character who is not quite me, but rather a double of myself with my character traits magnified, sublimated, perverted… I had to make a great effort to detachment to have humor and tenderness towards myself. » she explains at the microphone of Bulles de Culture.

Colorful and exotic outfits

Tatiana Eva-Marie music image
Tatiana Eva-Marie © Rachel Zeller

Another important element in the career of Tatiana Eva-Marie: the outfits. We feel that what she wears is her. “I hate the functional devoid of beauty. I don’t like our pervasive preoccupation with comfort. I don’t like living in a grayscale world. I like arabesques, colors, exoticism, and all things whose aesthetics are at the service of the sacred. I would prefer to live in the 2000s as past generations imagined. I find us bland. »

It is the artist herself who dresses, who tries to find her clothes during her hours in second-hand clothes. It’s a real passion and she admits that her apartment looks like the attic of a theatre. “I have dresses that are over a hundred years old that are falling apart, fabrics that I brought back from my travels around the world, I also collected all the old things that my family wanted to throw away. I have a little archaeological side. But it’s not just the obsolete that interests me! Right now, I love all things neon, and it’s coming back into style. And when I go on tour and sing in a different city every night, it’s the wrap dress that saves my life. »

Influenced by New Orleans

Tatiana Eva-Marie music image
Tatiana Eva-Marie © Rachel Zeller

Tatiana Eva-Marie says she loves the Parisian scene of the 1920s and the musical culture of the New Orleans region. But what do Paris and New Orleans have in common for her? “These are festive and bohemian towns, escapes from reality, funnels, limbo… towns that have been fantasized in every way for so long that they have acquired a mythical identity. Unlike New York, which is a city that does not exist, Paris and New Orleans have managed to survive their mythification to exist on several levels – the touristic, the daily, the romantic – and they invite us to navigate between these levels without getting lost. »

She talks about it so well, and she’s right: here are two cities that we can really love, despite their efforts to seduce us.

These two cities should extend their influence to the stage where Tatiana Eva-Marie will soon be. On March 9, 2023, his tribute to Django Reinhardt will be offered to Space Michel Simon (Noisy-le-Grand), before a collaboration with his violinist friend Daniel Garlitsky at the Bal Blomet in Paris, mythical place of the Roaring Twenties, on March 18.

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