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Review / “You haven’t seen anything either” (2023) by Béatrice Pollet


You haven’t seen anything from Béatrice Pollet either, mentions the denial of pregnancy in criminal proceedings. The film with Géraldine Nakache and Maud Wyler is taken from a news item. The cinematographic work will be released in cinemas on March 8, 2023. The review and the opinion of Bulles de Culture.


Claire and Sophie studied together, they are both lawyers. Clear (Maud Wyler) will be charged with attempted homicide of a child under 15. Sophia (Geraldine Nakache) will defend him. How did Claire, already a mother of two, neither see nor feel that she was pregnant again?

You haven’t seen anything either Inspired by a True Story

You haven't seen anything either photo film 1
© Sensito Films

With You haven’t seen anything eitherdirector Beatrice Pollet is interested in the legalization of the denial of pregnancy. A problem that the filmmaker became aware of on the occasion of a news item – a woman had given birth, alone, and at home, to a child, unaware that she was pregnant; the incomprehension and fear of this young mother had resulted in the death of the newborn.

Beatrice Pollet wishes here to highlight the denial of pregnancy from a psychological angle, the story raising awareness of the suffering of the mother in such a situation.

A legal drama

You haven't seen anything either photo film 1
© Sensito Films

But you didn’t see anything either is also a justice film dealing with the mysteries of criminal procedure, in a logic similar to that of Saint-Omer ofAlice Diop. In this perspective, the filmmaker wanted above all to compose a credible scenario, supported by consultations with doctors, lawyers and judges.

However, it is unfortunately from this quest for truth that the film draws its main weaknesses. Indeed, legal issues, however precise their evocation – among others, the notion of discernment, or even the question of immunity – take precedence over fiction, consisting of a succession of descriptive situations akin to a on the scene of the penal code: the summons before the examining magistrate, the reconstitution, the release, the trial…

Lost in this archetypal vision, the characters do not have their own characterization, and the actors, lacking material, are sometimes reduced to reciting their text until the unfortunate acme – a final argument that Geraldine Nakache has a hard time fitting in.

Our opinion ?

With the commendable desire to immerse themselves in the study of a social subject – the judicial recognition of the denial of pregnancy -, Beatrice Pollet builds an extremely documented film, to the point that the fiction is sometimes neglected.

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  • Release date France: 08/03/2022
  • Distribution France: day2party

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