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Review / “Neneh superstar” (2023) by Ramzi Ben Sliman


Neneh Superstar has been on cinema screens since January 25. Ramzi Ben Sliman’s film with Oumy Bruni Garrel evokes the journey of a young black girl who enters the school of the Paris Opera to become a star dancer, while the institution does not currently host any. Film reviews and reviews.


Neneh (Oumy Bruni Garrel), a 12-year-old girl, realizes her dream by joining the ballet school of the Paris Opera. Despite everything, she has to face discrimination from her classmates and her teachers on a daily basis because her skin color is not dominant in the school.

Like Entertainment of Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar out this week, neneh superstar shares the theme of the obstacle course for a young woman said to be “from diversity”. In the movie of Ramzi Ben Sliman, the protagonist comes from a modest social class. She must find her place in the very closed environment of the Paris Opera ballet. Although not a true story, neneh superstar uses his scriptwriting freedom to make a very realistic statement about the lack of diversity in such an institution. The film approaches the form of the tale and the initiatory chronicle around the crossed destiny between two female characters who had to fight to impose themselves in an environment which excluded them.

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Ramzi Ben Sliman calls on a brilliant seasoned cast to carry its story with, in particular, Aissa Maiga in the role of Neneh’s mother or Maiwenndemanding director. Oumy Bruni Garrel this is not her first film either since she has already been able to appear respectively in her mother’s films Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Summer visitors2018) and his father Louis Garrel (The crusade, 2021). Here, the young actress frees herself from her parental tutelage while benefiting from the support of big names in French cinema. Maiwennas an alter ego, remains at the service of the plot without ever pulling the cover on it. Ramzi Ben Sliman moves away from documentary and social staging to fully assume fiction as a social promise to see diversity come true at all levels of society.

The staging is neat. She gives in to certain scriptwriting facilities to meet a large audience. The film was also awarded at My First Festival.

Our opinion ?

A neat tale as moving as it is stimulating in its desire to shake up the hieratic nature of social conventions and any pathogenic propensity for exclusion.

This article is brought to you by columnist Cédric Lépine.

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  • Release date France: 01/25/2023
  • Distribution France: Gaumont

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