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“L’ombre de Goya” available on VOD and DVD


Jean-Claude Carrière, writer and screenwriter who died last year, offers an immersion in the work of the Spanish painter in the documentary Goya’s shadow, directed by Jose Luis Lopez-Linares. The film has been available on video since February 21, 2023 from Epicenter Films.


A lover of the arts and a connoisseur of Goya, Jean-Claude Carrière guides us through his
incomparable work. To unravel the mystery, he made a final trip to Spain, which brought him back in the painter’s footsteps. Links are forged with artists from the world of cinema, literature and music showing how influential Goya’s work is

Goya’s shadowJean-Claude Carrière’s last trip to the lands of Goya

Jean-Claude Carriere was a huge figure in French cinema. He writes for great directors, like Milos Forman (Taking off1971), Marco Ferreri (Lisa1972), Jean-Luc Godard (Save who can live, 1980; Passion, 1982), Carlos Saura (Antonieta1982), Nagisa Oshima (Max my love1985) or even Michael Haneke (The White Ribbon, 2009). Luis Buñuel’s faithful friend also composes songs for Juliette Gréco, Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, Hanna Schygulla. The talent scout also contributes to the creation of the Directors’ Fortnight selection during the Cannes Film Festival.

He describes Goya as ” the master of silence“. Over the years, Jean-Claude Carrière has become a painter specialist: “ He is there, between two eras, alone, when the French Revolution upsets the order of things forever. Between the old world and the new, between servitude and freedom. At the crossroads of time“. It is this passion for art and Spain that Jose Luis Lopez-Linares wishes to transcribe in his film.

The artist already has more than 40 documentary films to his credit as a producer and director. We can cite in particular Asaltar Los Cielos (1997 Ondas Prize) A moment in the vida ajena (Goya for Best Documentary 2004) and Extras (Goya for Best Documentary Short 2005).

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  • Available on DVD/VOD at Epicenter Movies from 02/21/2023
  • DVD bonus content: Interview with the director and producers, Trailer, Slideshow, Director’s bio-filmography

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