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LES MYCÉLIADES Festival: the program


The ADRC and Images in libraries are joining forces to create a new transdisciplinary Science-Fiction festival for 15-25 year olds: Les Mycéliades. The event will take place from February 1 to 15, 2022 throughout France.

A first edition Myceliads under the theme “Need space”

The first edition of the Festival Les Mycéliades will have the theme “Need for space”.

The event will bring together a selection of 28 films, but also books, video games and workshops, addressing topics such as space exploration, intergalactic conflicts, confrontation with otherness, or even transhumanism!

Many specialists and popularizers of science and fiction will travel all over France to accompany the sessions: Roland Lehoucq, Claudie Haigneré, Éric Lagadec, Sébastien Carassou, the Captain of Nexus VI, Marie de La Boîte à curiosities, Nicolas Martin, Théo Drieu from Balade Mentale, Caroline Freissinet, Mélanie Toubeau from La Manie du Cinéma… and many more!

Myceliads is part of the issue of renewal for young audiences and has been selected by the CNC’s call for projects to encourage young people to come to cinemas and cultural facilities. The festival is also supported by the Ministry of Culture.

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