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Critical / “The Tiger’s Nest” (2023) by Brando Quilici


The Tiger’s Nest tells the story of an orphan who went to climb the Himalayas with a little tiger, saved from poaching. Branco Quilici’s wildlife film has been in theaters since February 15. Criticism and opinion of Bulles de Culture.


One night, Balmani (Sunny Pawar), a young orphan, saves a baby tiger from the clutches of a ruthless poacher. To escape him, they undertake a long and perilous journey to the heights of the Himalayas. Together, they will experience the greatest adventure of their lives.

The Tiger’s Nestbeautiful images but a scent of repetition

The Tiger’s Nest is a set of seven monasteries housed at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. A famous Buddhist legend tells that a guru crossed the Himalayas on the back of a tiger to arrive in this place. This fable inspired Branco Quiliciwho co-wrote with Hugh Hudson the story of a young orphan whose ambition is to reach this legendary place accompanied by a young tiger freed from the hands of a poacher. The film takes the classic form of an initiatory fresco, recalling the animal stories of Nicolas Vanier.

The theme is also promising, since it has flooded French screens in recent months with, in particular, Storm, Belle and Sebastian, Mystery or The Wolf and the Lion. Human/animal friendship is also the prerogative of the Argentinian director, who already highlighted such a bond – between a boy and a polar bear, in this case – in Pizou the white bear (2018, unreleased in theaters in France).

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Whether The Tiger’s Nest therefore has a flavor of repetition, it nevertheless has the merit of highlighting ancestral cultures unknown to the general public: the nomadic people of the Rautes, the yaks breeders, etc. In these regions, human beings still live in symbiosis with nature. This ecological message, strongly supported, is fortunately accompanied by very beautiful aerial images offered in panoramic. These are the main asset of an achievement that is otherwise spoiled by the use of computer-generated images.

The care given to the screenplay is also too incidental in this production, given the many inconsistencies that punctuate it. We particularly regret the lack of characterization of the secondary characters, in the first place the director of the orphanage, completely tasteless.

Our opinion ?

The Tiger’s Nest is a family fresco about the cohabitation between man and animal – here, a child and a young tiger. The film is sublimated by magnificent images of the Himalayas, but the remote-controlled scenario conceals too many inconsistencies.

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  • Release date France: 02/15/2023
  • Distribution France: Alba Movies
  • From the age of 8

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