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Critical / “The Passenger” (2022) by Héloïse Pelloquet


The Passenger by Héloise Pelloquet has been in theaters since December 28. Reviews and reviews of the film with Cécile de France and Félix Lefebvre.


Chiara (Cecile of France) lives on an island off the Atlantic coast, where her husband Antoine (Gregoire Monsaingeon) grew. They are a happy and loving couple. She learned Antoine’s trade, fishing, and has worked alongside him for twenty years. The arrival of Maxentius (Felix Lefebvre), a new apprentice, will upset their balance and Chiara’s certainties…

La Passagère: feminine desire at the heart of the plot

The Passenger is the first feature film byHeloise Pelloquet. The director sets out to tell the story of a married woman in her forties under the spell of a young apprentice who has come to help her in her maritime operation. Heloise Pelloquet brings together two themes that she had already tackled in her previous short films: the difficulty of the couple and social diversity.

The film is exquisitely sensual, centered around feminine desire. The forbidden is the basis of this passionate love story, fueled by two antagonists: the fact that Chiara is married to Antoine and the age difference between the two lovers. The camera shows an uninhibited passion through assumed sex scenes where the two bodies are in union.

The imaginary island at the heart of the plot reinforces the feeling of isolation of the two protagonists who quickly suffer the weight of rumors and things left unsaid.

Heloise Pelloquet adopts an atmospheric staging, capturing the changing colors of the landscape through several seasons. Cécile de France is sublimely sweet. Félix Lefebvre, already madly in love in Summer 85, still captivates as much in a romantic register. The actor has an incredible ability to successfully convey his emotions.

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Our opinion ?

La Passagère brilliantly explores feminine desire in connection with social taboos. The film is tender thanks to the passionate performance of two fabulous performers.

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