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Critical / “The Lulus War” (2022) by Yann Samuel


Bulles de Culture’s review and opinion on the film The war of the lulus by Yann Samuel in cinemas since January 18, 2023.


At the dawn of the First World War, in a village in Picardy, four inseparable friends, Lucas, Luigi, Lucien and Ludwig, form the Lulus band. These orphans are always ready to join forces to face Octave’s rival band or to escape the surveillance of Abbé Turpin… When the Valencourt Abbey orphanage is urgently evacuated, the Lulus are missing. call. Forgotten behind the enemy front line, they are left to fend for themselves in the midst of the conflict. Soon joined by Luce, a young girl separated from her parents, they decide at all costs to go to Switzerland, the “country never at war”… Here they are thrown with all the innocence and naivety of their age into an adventure to which nothing and no one prepared them!

The Lulus War : adaptation of comics

Director Yann Samuell is seasoned in the adventures of youth. In 2003, he made Child games with the duo Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard. 8 years later, the director tackles the adaptation of The War of the Buttons.

By acquiring the film rights to the comic book series The war of the luluswritten by Regis Hautiere and drawn by Harddocthe producers of the film did not envisage that Yann Samuell may be interested again in an adaptation from children’s literature. However, the filmmaker was seduced by the theme of these comics, approaching the great war of 14-18 from the point of view of five orphans on the fringes of this conflict.

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Yann Samuel brings to the screen three first works of the literary saga, though taking liberties with the origin story. The director creates characters to energize the narrative, such as the witch of the woods, played by Isabelle Carreor the rifleman, in the guise ofAhmed Sulla. The key scene of the film, showing the lulus in the middle of the trenches, is also an invention of the director. Inspired directly bygoodbye up there and of A long engagement Sundaythe spectacular moment does not cheat with violence, being able to frighten the youngest audience.

Generally, the war of the lulus is quite cyclical with adventures that tend to repeat themselves according to the encounters made by the band. The cast is rich in French stars with the appearance of Didier Bourdon, Alex Lutzto which must be added that already mentioned ofAhmed Sulla and D‘Isabelle Carre.

Our opinion ?

Between The Little Band and the club of five, The Lulus War is a successful comic book adaptation despite repetitive screenplay cogs.

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  • Release date France: 18/01/2023
  • Distribution France: wildbunch

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