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Critical / “Storm” (2022) by Christian Duguay


Storm is Christian Duguay’s new film. Ten years after Jappeloup, the director brings together Mélanie Laurent and Pio Marmaï in a family adventure to be discovered in cinemas since December 21, 2022. The critic and the opinion of Bulles de Culture.


Born in her parents’ stud farm, Zoé grew up surrounded by horses and has only one dream: to become a jockey! Storm, a filly she sees born, will become her alter ego. But one stormy evening, Storm, panicked, knocks Zoe down and shatters her dream. However, she will hang on and try the impossible to reconnect with her destiny.

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Storm : predictable but not unpleasant

After a stint in series production with The Medici: Master of Florence, Christian Duguay returns to his passion: films with animals. In 2013, he made Jappeloup with Guillaume Canet interpreting the famous rider, Pierre Durand. In the vein of this room success, the filmmaker is called for the continuation of the saga Belle and Sebastian, adapted from the series by Cécile Aubry. For Stormthe filmmaker is inspired by the graphic novel for children, Storm in a Stud by Christophe Donner.

The film is a mix between Mia and the white lion and patients. It introduces young people to animal protection through a passion for horse riding. In addition, the story shows how to overcome his handicap through the protagonist’s pugnacity to overcome his disability. Storm is full of good feelings. A perfect choice for children during this school holiday period. The scenario adopts well-rehearsed specifications but sewn with white thread.

In the cast, Carmen Kassovitz damn the pawn to Mélanie Laurent and Pio Marmaï. The daughter of actor Mathieu Kassovitz, already on the poster of nuclear summer and my nightis charismatic and solar.

Our opinion ?

Storm a film of passion and a message of resilience. Everything is predictable without being unpleasant.

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  • Release date France: 21/12/2022
  • Distribution France: Pathé Films

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