Israelis: What do you think About Pakistan?

Israelis: What do you think About Pakistan?
Israelis: What do you think About Pakistan?

Questions asked to peoples about Pakistan

Asked by: Muhammad, Pakistan Abdullah, Pakistan Asim, Pakistan/Khayam, PakistanGerrad, Australia/Naveed, Pakistan Do you know something about Pakistan? Pakistan? Don’t Indians live there? Almost Holon It’s eastern Russia until Azerbaijan All those like Kyrgyzstan what’s the closest Close?

No Other than that? Don’t they have that special hat? Is that them? I have no idea what you are talking about They fight against ISIS there They fight against ISIS Anything else you know? They fight against ISIS They are a Muslim country What do you think of Pakistan? DavidRamle I don’t really know much about it They have internal wars there A terrorist country well, there are lots of terrorist groups there maybe the country is not terrorist but they have lots of It’s like breeding ground for terror groups True That’s what I know about Pakistan Does that impact Israelis at all? No, I don’t think we really think about them or are interested in…

Thinking About Pakistan of other peoples

No, impacts No, I don’t think so Nothing that I can see Maybe things that are connected to the Ministry of Defense they know more than we know Us, the simple citizens don’t think we feel any threat like we do with Iran Iran is more direct the Iranian threat Do you want to conquer Pakistan? Pakistan? Of course, we do they have so much oil(he is kidding) They are also very nice people Because they are nice you want to I think so… I don’t know them They seem like great guys We don’t rule out anyone They can be part of Israel? If they want- No We don’t want Enough, let’s answer him seriously now We don’t want to conquer them in any way I don’t think there is oil in Pakistani don’t know I would need to check We don’t know If there is, then we do want but only the oil Can you answer seriously people will ask They don’t understand the Israeli humor They don’t understand cynicism? Ok, we will be serious- We are now totally serious We do not support conquering any country or any people Why do you think some in Pakistan think Israelis want to conquer?

I guess because of political policy Overall, for no reason, I think just like we do not understand the Pakistani-Indian conflict also they don’t really understand our conflict They need to get to know to listen and see What do you know about Pakistan? Do you know anything about Pakistan? AnatGivat Shmuel I think I read some books where the characters were from Pakistan a country that has wars in it or at least there were in the past With the Russians or am I confusing them with Afghanistan? Afghanistan is much more… Hold on(phone call) I think they are Indian or look like Indians That’s all I know From Asia, east in Asia There is a rumor that Israel wants to invade Pakistan I never heard that RanRamat Gan I don’t know so much about it

Do you have any ideas about Pakistan? Feelings about Pakistan? No special feelings I don’t know so much about it Just that it was a base of a lot of terror groups I didn’t hear a lot But the little bit I heard It’s mostly negative Because of the terror I think yes that is what I heard You don’t know and you never met anyone from Pakistan No Do you have any desire to conquer Pakistan? That was part of the question To visit?

Why Peoples Come to Pakistan For Tour?

Conquer No NitsanHolon She loves Pakistan Do you know anything about Pakistan? Talk about the women wearing the Burqa- Yes It’s a Muslim country You see their eyes That’s more Saudi Arabia- I think about the women there Actually I think about the women What about them? Hide the cigarette The cigarette? Nah I hate cigarettes It’s a women’s right to smoke on camera Do you think they oppressed? That what? Oppressed Yes Of course and it’s very poor Very opinionated- Yes I don’t think I want to visit there as a woman They probably don’t want you They don’t want you Yes, I feel sorry for them Could someone from Pakistan come to visit here? Do you want them to come to visit? Yes, of course, they can I love people I just don’t love extremism Radical people What do you think of Pakistan?

Pakistan it was legal for Israelis

PavelNahariya Pakistan? A little connected to Asia(he studies East Asian Studies) Connected but I don’t have much of an opinion about it But I was in India You were in India- Yes, I was and I know they have a conflict on their borders India demands land from Pakistan Pakistan demands land from India Basically I don’t really have an opinion because I don’t understand the issue I can say that in India is really important to them I was on the border in India at a ceremony on the border between Pakistan and India A ceremony?- Yes, ceremony A ceremony on the border it was something really for tourists came to see it Were they saying “this is our border”? No, no, no a joint ceremony They did it together Yes Nice Would you travel to Pakistan it was legal for Israelis? Would I go there? Maybe Ok, I need to ask because it was part of the question Do you want to conquer Pakistan? There is a rumor in Pakistan that Israel wants to conquer Pakistan No It sounds to me not really… It sounds a bit strange Were you born in Pakistan? I was born and then went back to Bombay Where in Pakistan were you born? Pakistan, Karachi Then you moved to Bombay?- Bombay When did you move to Israel?

YonaRamle Your English is probably better than mine As you wish In 1974 What do you think Israelis think of Pakistan? What is your experience?

With Pakistan, I don’t have much experience No, what do Israelis think? What do Israelis think? This is a question I was sent It’s a problem because Pakistan is a Muslim country and that is not good for anyone They only take care of themselves That is the problem They make problems for India and they are also against Israel Do you think Israelis are afraid of Pakistan? No, I think actually Israeli is helping India Indian or Pakistan? India You mean now Israel will never help Pakistan because they are against us, Okay There is a rumor in Pakistan or they say that Israel wants to attack and occupy Pakistan No, never Never?- Never Did you ever hear that? No What would Israel do there? I don’t know No, never It’s a question I received Never

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