Imran Abbas Opens Up In His Most Candid Interview (Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada)

Imran Abbas Opens Up In His Most Candid Interview | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada
Imran Abbas Opens Up In His Most Candid Interview | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada

Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada Show

Imran Abbas Interview

My guest today in SYH with Samina Peerzada is Imran Abbas All of you know and wanted him to come to my show and we talk with him about a lot of things I wanted it too that he comes and we will ask him whether he is singing nowadays or whether he is writing or doing some other art and is he following architecture or not so today he is here We will talk with him about a lot of things and I am very happy that he is here today I am so happy you are here, finally What have you been up to? Where have you been? I have no idea where I had been I just kept thinking when will I get a chance, and when will I ask to come to your show I have been waiting for a long time Small things would intervene Like when you would call me, I would be abroad and then your team would call me and eventually I would miss the season Now this time I was fortunately in Islamabad when you called I am so happy you are here.

What are you doing nowadays?

Samina, I am doing a lot Firstly, I call you Samina Obviously you can call me that I have always called you Samina because I consider you more than a friend You might remember that our association has come a long way I think we did a beautiful serial together We did 2 serials together One we did in Scotland and the other one was “Koi Lamha Gulaab ho” and I was your son in it and it was at the start of my career and we also did one classic serial, but we didn’t share the screen in it but that was one of my most favorite serials “Meri Zaat Zara Be Nishaah” Yes I was in it too but we didn’t come in a single frame It was the second generation Right? Yes So I am doing a lot Samina I am doing films, television I am now starting my own production and I am thinking to switch from acting to some other arena What another arena?

It can be many, direction, production, signing, and writing I have been writing since I was very young I have been hiding and writing I wrote a lot When did you start writing? At a very young age, I remember as I lived in a hostel a lot and I would be away from home Now I do find some of those writings so I get shocked that I used to write so well I would write letters to my mother that I didn’t send and just a few days ago my mother showed me all those letters she would send me I thought that that letter.

Would have vanished but she kept all of the safe Seriously?

That, “Mummy, I am feeling really cold” I used to feel cold a lot and all the things that I ate at Mess I don’t remember all those strange things in those letters They were and weren’t making sense at the same time The way of your writing can describe your entire personality How many siblings are you? We were 6 2 years ago my sister died.

Oh, I am so sorry but she is always around me She surrounds me every moment So I think that her presence is with me but physically, now we are 5, and thanks to God, parents are alive What happened? Cancer She was the eldest? We had a big age gap because I am the youngest and the elder brother is 17 years older than me and my brother who comes immediately before me We also have a big age gap of 8 to 10 years So my sister was pretty elder but she was too young to die and you were very close to her I was very close All the relationships between us siblings is very strong they all have raised me like parents I used to sleep with my sister My sisters would fight that who would I sleep with I was pampered a lot because I came into the family after a long gap and I was very close to my sister and my eldest sister she lives in America I have learned a lot from her Paintings Poetry the sense of music the use of words The importance of words I am very thankful to her.

Imran abbas where were you born by Samina Peerzada

Imran: Islamabad What did your father do? My father he was a civil servant He is retired now But he was a civil engineer in Syria and our entire childhood most of our childhood, we spent in a government house it was a small house although my father was on a good post he is among those people who would fight for their rights sometimes he would feel that maybe you would have to give something so he was very clear that he would never earn black money or bribe so we saw both the good and bad times I was the youngest so I saw that time if my parents, where we faced financial problems so you have a lot of thoughts at that time and that is why when I achieve something new, I understand its importance and I think that all that time had polished me and it taught me how to struggle I was very young when I would go and do a show on radio, while returning from school like I got an opportunity, to host kids show so I would think of the earning as my pocket money.

The radio in Pakistan you get trained by it and you get to meet a lot of educated and decent people The atmosphere was different back then and it is not even that old thing I got in contact with a lot of educated people and every time

I am I talking to much?

No, I always wanted to sit in people who were older than me The environment in our home was because you learn from your elders I don’t actually remember if I ever played with the people of my age From our childhood, we met from Parveen Shaqir and Ahmed Faraaz, he would come to our house my father and my sister were poets So I used to go into poetry competitions with my father and I would never get bored nor would I yawn all those senior poets and serious poetry difficult words of Urdu.

Imran abbas age telling to Samina Peerzada

I was very young I was probably in class 1 or 2 and I got trained from that age that’s why I never looked up to people who had a lot of money I used to watch Ashfaq Ahmed’s show “Zawiya” and even today I can’t watch new dramas I watch the old ones like, “Aik Mohabbat Saw Afsanay” and all the others that is why I am a big fan of yours So all the old souls? So old that I usually am telling about old songs to my father that these are the songs of K.L Saigol, and Pankaj Malik and he would tell me that even he had not heard them so the songs by Ameer Bai Karnatki and Geeta Dutt I have heard about all these people So you never played? Cricket? or shenanigans I used to run a lot and I used to swim a lot Cycling the environment in Islamabad make you fond of cycling and climbing on mountains taking a bag and adding water bottles in it I was very fond of those things as such I never participated with a team not even in sports I used to paint pretty well I was very good in sketching I was fond of music and I learned it from my childhood I used to go to the Pakistan Arts Council and I would learn classical music there So my training was a bit off in it and the best thing about being the youngest child is that my parents didn’t stop me My mother supported me a lot but how did you go in boarding school? because what I can see is that it is a very close-knit family It was a quite a task for me it was such a difficult task for me to leave home and leave my parents I used to be very homesick but I always liked to challenge myself I used to like to do the thing that other people thought that I couldn’t do so maybe I wanted to prove myself or the people.

So you asked you parents to send you in boarding school?

Yes No, and my mother was in Karachi at that time and what was your age? I was 16 I was very young and I was the youngest in the whole cadet college and but I used to be very homesick and I would write the letter and the first letter I wrote the first line in it was I am very cold, Mummy and I read a Parveen Shaqir’s poem and it had the same words in the start I am very cold, Mama She wrote it for mothers So somehow I was very fond of Parveen Shaqir because she used to come to my house, and I saw her up close and I still feel the pain of her death There are some people, you don’t understand your relationship with them I connect with her poems a lot and when I read that line, I thought that she thinks like me too but there are such people in your life So what was the life-changing moment? Yes, when I left home for the first time 180 degrees I was very scared and terrified I would take part in the painting and singing competition all of this happened in the school I would go out and do all this in front of people I wasn’t camera and stage shy but I never left my home and when this happened to me for the first time so I was shook then I understood that life means to get out and I had to leave my house and I was very young when I start living on my own and when I returned from the cadet college I left it in the middle, to years were still remaining Then I started studying in NCA.

So how did you decide about NCA?

I got to know after a while because you were so of an engineer Its a different life there You can call this my ignorance that I didn’t know that there is an institution like NCA in Pakistan and when I went to my cadet college There I met some people who asked me that what was I doing there I used to sketch and I can even make a sketch of yours right now I think even did make one I don’t remember No, now I want it So I was very good in sketching and in the very start I used to earn money from it too I used to make sketches and visit embassies where I would sell them So I used to earn some money from there too So I made one and a friend of mine told me that his sister was studying at NCA and thats where you are taught all this I started thinking that I was wrong coming here than Then I decided that I will not stay here Now I will do whatever I want because I wasn’t made for it I cannot live a routine life I realized it very quickly that you should follow your heart So who was steering your life initially, your father or your mother? Or your elder siblings No no one was doing it But So they handed you this much freedom? When I went to the cadet college, that’s when my mother wasn’t happy about it but she didn’t stop me from going She thought that I would get trained and its good things that you get a training like this and you need to face some ragging in your life There were many people in my family who went into the army So they said that this is a very good life When you go and train from the cadet college So but I said no I can’t do it I had seen that tough time and had gone through my junior year but I couldn’t associate with that place, not at all I didn’t like the thinking there nor the life they lived because you were creative You used to sing and write poetry and reads poetry too even today when I look back I don’t have any regrets in life I want to know that as a little baby.

when you were small what kind of dreams did you see?

What were you thinking about becoming? I always saw myself flying What? I have always seen myself flying on water or it’s like I am walking and my steps are lifting me into the air and this had always been my fantasy Not fantasy but a dream I have always seen my self flying in dreams \ and even then I start thinking that I am not dreaming, I can fly in real life I don’t have wings but I still can Do you understand the meaning of this? that this fantasy of flying Did you know that you will become a star

No Samina I Nor did I wanted to become a star Really Seriously and nor did I connect myself with this I still think that I am an alien Now that time has come when initially it wasn’t necessary but now I have started dissociating myself from people I don’t go on awards or events You won’t find me on page 3, and partying I think the moments in our life are so less, selective and countable that at any second With any kind of a person or wasting time at any kind of a place that is not giving you any benefit I don’t mean physical benefits but if it is not giving you spiritual happiness Look, now if you go on events and awards, it’s not going to make a difference you have only shown yourself and met with them but if you are not connecting with these people I am not saying that I have a different mental level I think that I am nothing compared to them but I can’t connect myself with them I think that all the life that I am left with.

So where do you belong?

You studied architecture at NCA and you didn’t do it either I did practice architecture I did a lot of projects too So why architecture and not painting? It is so intriguing to know Architecture itself is frozen music \ it has the same rhythm all the elements that music, as you see them in a frozen form Poetry, is architecture, beauty is architecture Art and music is architecture So when did you get to know about all this When I started studying architecture I came to know about it more but yes I had an idea that because what I can understand of you that there are lots of forces pushing you and pulling you Tug of war has been from the start I want to know that where you stand today is it like this are things still pushing and pulling you? Yes, I have always been in a Tug of war Why is it like that? Have you thought about it? I think it happens that every creative man faces all these things You mind and heart always have a fight What do you want to do? I want to flow like waves I don’t want to become an obstacle in front of these things in me I just want to become a net and let them flow through me I am not that kind of a fish that fights the direction of the flow to prove itself I want to feel everything and let it go through me I just want to move on I like that nowhere in life it is written that or in a book that if you studied architecture, you will die an architect this is called exploring You explore yourself when you meet someone, when you read something, or experience something or by losing or gaining something and like this, your life ends.

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