How to Install WordPress From cPanel Using Softaculous

WordPress is the easiest and popular way to create your websites or blogs very fast. More than 38% of all the websites are powered by WordPress at present. So, yes you can say that, if you visit 4 websites, more than one of them is surely powered by WordPress. Many people use WordPress because it helps you to create your website very easily. So, In this first tutorial, I’m going to teach you How to Install WordPress From cPanel using Softaculous on your website the right way.

How to Install WordPress From cPanel Using Softaculous

I will also share some important notes which you should keep in mind while installing WordPress on your website. I am pretty much sure, that these points will help you a lot.

so, let’s start with Softaculous and let me tell you what it is first?

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a well-known auto-installer script. With the help of Softaculous, you can easily install many web applications like Joomla, WordPress, etc. with just by a single click. It supports more than 419 scripts, which are ready to be installed at any time. Almost, all of the major Hosting Companies are using Softaculous in their cPanel.

Learn-How to Install WordPress From cPanel Using Softaculous

So, here comes the WordPress installing process on your website. You must know that WordPress is easy and free at the same time. To install WordPress on cPanel using Softaculous, follow the steps below:

1. First of all, login to your “admin cPanel Dashboard”.

2. After that, scroll down until you find “Softaculous Apps Installer” or “Softaculous” section. Once you find it, click on the “WordPress”.

Step 2. Softaculous Apps Installer

3. In the next window, you will see the Overview section of WordPress. Simply, click on “Install Now”.

Step 3. click on Install Now

4. Now, the WordPress installation screen will open up to let you choose your domain, site name, admin username, and admin password.

Simply, select the WordPress Version and website URL in the software setup. Make sure that the “In Directory” field is empty if you want to install WordPress in the root folder. Next, give your site a name and a description under site settings. Then, choose your username and password along with admin email below the admin account section.

See the screenshot below to better understand:

Step 4. Fill the Installation Screen

5. At last, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Install”.

Step 5. Click on Install WordPress

6. That was it. Now, the installation complete page will be visible to you. From here, you can open your WordPress Admin Dashboard and start creating your content.

Step 6. WordPress Installation Completed

Important Notes While Installing WordPress:

  • Choose the latest WordPress version so you may not face issues while installing important plugins which do not work with older versions of WordPress.
  • Also, take notice of selecting a protocol like HTTP or HTTPS. Select HTTPS only if your website has an active SSL installed.
  • Leave the “In Directory” field empty (recommended). Don’t install WordPress instead of the root directory, but in any case, if you want to install, then we recommend you to create a subdomain.
  • Choose the site name according to Your Niche, instead of just typing anything.
  • Also, your site description should be no more than 3 to 4 words to make it look attractive to your visitors.
  • Remember to always choose a strong password. Because a strong password helps you to be safe from any hacking attacks.


This is it. We hope this tutorial will surely help to learn How to Install WordPress from cPanel using Softaculous. More, we recommend you to use WordPress for creating your website. Because it allows you to create and design your website with a lot of options. With WordPress, you can customize your website very easily in just a few clicks.

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