How to Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

The IDM is the best download managers which helps to download any type of file from the internet at a much faster rate. With the help of this tool, one can download a range of files at an accelerated rate. IDM is available for download free of cost and can be downloaded from any Internet website. If you are looking to enhance the download speed at even more accelerated speed, you can download IDM Optimizer which can help increase the speed of IDM download manager.

How to Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

How IDM Optimizer Works

This application helps in increasing the download speed by creating a registry entry and modifying some of the crucial registries of IDM. There is a registry file in which maximum connections or threads will be modifying but this requires IDM optimizer and once you install IDM optimizer, the speed would be increased. It is nothing but a small type of utility which boosts the speed by making entries in registry file to change the connection speed and type.

Once you open up the application interface of this software, it will show you some of the entries which would be changed or modified. The simple button will be using to activate this feature in IDM. You need to click on “Maximize Now” button and it will make the changes in IDM. But for the changes to get into effect, you need to restart the Internet download manager again.

However, there could be some cases when there are some issues speed of internet while using parallel application along with IDM. So, if you are facing issues with the internet or with IDM, one can even restore the changes to default settings which can come into effect by restarting IDM again.

I am pretty much sure, that you are going to love this tool because of its features. So, let’s see the requirements for this tutorial.


  • IDM must be installed on your PC/Laptop.
  • IDM Optimizer must be installed on your PC/Laptop as well.

Learn-How to Increase IDM Download Speed Using IDM Optimizer

Here are some of the simple steps to download and install IDM optimizer tool in order to Increase IDM Download Speed and get your favourite kinds of stuff in seconds. So, let’s know the steps.

You just need to follow the following steps to increase your IDM download speed.

  1. Make sure that you first have “IDM” installed on your Laptop or PC as IDM optimizer will not work unless you have IDM installed.
  2. Now download IDM Optimizer from the internet using the official website.
  3. Once you have downloaded on your system, you need to open the IDM optimizer window and then there would be some simple instruction set presented to you. You need to follow those instruction set and it will guide you towards how to install IDM optimizer.
  4. Once you have installed IDM optimizer, open the IDM optimizer window and there you will be able to see the “Maximize Now” button which will help maximize the IDM download speed. Click on the button and it will pop up a window to give a restart to Internet Download Manager or even restart your PC to complete the download procedure. Remember the changes may not come into effect unless you restart your PC. So ideally you must restart the PC/laptop.
  5. Once you have restarted your PC/laptop, you can open IDM application again and you will get an accelerated speed. You can even test the new speed by downloading some new files and check if the speed is coming out to be higher than the normal speed or not.
  6. In case you are facing lower speeds while running a parallel application, then you may even restore the settings to default by clicking on the Restore Default button.


The above simple steps are good enough to increase the IDM download speed with IDM Optimizer. For faster downloads, quick downloading of large files from the internet, now you can easily enjoy faster downloads with the help of a useful application like IDM optimizer. So start downloading files on the internet at faster speeds with Internet download manager optimizer tool.

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