How powerful is a neutron star and how star consumes energy and keeps burning?

Neutron star

Neuron Star

There are lots of zombies like object in universal. these objects can destroy a particular galaxy, a planet in a few seconds.  A neutron star is one of them let’s discuss what is neutron star first?Neutron star basically collapsed the core of the massive star. A neutron star is the core of the massive star which maybe ten to 15 times massive than our sun.

Death of star

Death Of Star

The death of a star depends upon their mass. If the star is massive like our sun dies as a white dwarf. such type of star is classified in the lower range. If the star is massive 10 times more than the star-like sun then they die as a neutron star or pulsar star. if the star is massive than a neutron star then they die as a black hole. basically, start die when their fuel  consumed completely. then it loses control in the center which causes a massive explosion called a supernova or nebula. After the explosion it can be a neutron star or black or according to its mass.

How stars consume energy and keep burning?

We know that stars produce energy from the nuclear fusion reaction. In this reaction, the atom of hydrogen transformed to helium after releasing a huge amount of energy. Again the atom of helium transforms into carbon. Again carbon to oxygen this process continues up to iron and keeps religious energy. This energy help starts to burn, bright, and alive.The atom of iron do not transform into another form, as a result, the sources of energy consumption and they start losing control on center due to gravity as a result supernova occurs.Discovery of neutron starNeutron star was discovered by Walter Baade and Frizz Zwicky just after the discovery of the neutron. Neutron was discovered by James Chadwick.

How powerful is a neutron star?

Powerful Neutron Star 

A neutron star is a comparatively very small but very dense object in-universe the. A neutron star is the densest object in the entire universe after a black hole. Blackhole is the heaviest and most dense object ever discovered in the universe.The size of a neutron star is found to be its diameter.The neutron star is found to be its diameter on the order of 10 kilometers to 25 kilometers. There wasn’t discovered neutron star more than the diameter of 25 km since now. It doesn’t matter how small is it But when we compare its mass It will be twice of our sun. The gravitational field of a neutron star was discovered about 200 billion times of our earth. It was found extremely hot. Its surface temperature is about 6 lakh, Kelvin. It is so heavy if we compare its mass of matches like the size it will be 3 billion tons. If we compare its magnetic field with our earth it will be 100 billion times of the earth.When a huge star starts collapsing then their rotation rate starts increasing according to the conservation of angular momentum result we find a neutron star that can be rotated more than 100 times in a second.

what is a pulsar star?

Some neutron star emits an electromagnetic beam, this neutron star can be called pulsar was discovered first by Jocelyn Bella Burnell in 1967. She suggested that neutron stars really exist and pulsar start is a type of them that emits electromagnetic radiation. This high electromagnetic radiation seems coming from its pole That helps to find such neutron startle first neutron or pulsar star that spin fastest is PSR J1748-2446ad.According to researchers, a galaxy consists of 100 million neutron stars. They also believe we can only detect these neutron stars which is in the form of a pulsar or in the binary star system. Five percentage of a discovered neutron star is of binary star system it is about impossible to detect slow rotating neutron star of an old neutron star.RX  J1856.5-3754 neutron star is the closest neutron star to the earth which is about 200 light-years away from the Earth and situation in Corona Australis was discovered in 1992 and it was discovered as the closest neutron star to earth in 1996.About 2000 neutron star was detected in our milky way galaxy. The exoplanet was also detected around neutron such planets can’t be suitable for life due to high energy Steller wind and radiation.

Magnetar, Magnetic Monster


Another type of neutron star was also detected which is called magnetar because of its high magnetic field. it is also known as a magnetic monster. The magnetic field of the magnetar or magnetic monster is 1000 trillion times of the Earth And its temperature can be rig up to 18 million Fahrenheit really this neutron star is not weak than any monster.
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