We all know that the most important body part of our body is our heart. Have you heard that a person is living without a heart? Will never be heard. So today we went to talk about it, how to make the heart-healthy. Let’s talk about it. (Healthy Diet Guidelines Plan for Heart Patients)

This is a function of the heart.

1) Pumping blood to all parts or bodies.
2) Transfering oxygen and nutrients to body cells and tissues.
3) Co2 and waste Product to excretions medium
If due to any reason, the heart does not carry out all these functions, then tissues start decreasing and life risk increases.

some common issues of heart when the heart doesn’t work well.

1) Blood pressure and hypertension

Stress has become a common thing in recent times, it is also seen in schoolchildren to 70 years old people. Currently, everyone is fighting with human stress, as a result of this, every human being became a victim of blood pressure even at the young age of 25 years. Well, in life, the challenges keep coming, but you have to take or not take the stress. It is in your hands.

My diet plan for high blood pressure does not reduce your stress or not, it is not known, but this diet plan will definitely work for your high blood pressure.

Some causes for High Blood pressure

1 Excess salt intake
2 No exercise
3 Obesity or Overweight
4 Low Fibre diet
5 Oily Food
6 Alcohol and Smoking
7 Heredity

Here are some tips on how to prevent high blood pressure

1 Decreases salt intake
2 Include exercise and physical activity
3 Improve your weight
4 Improve Diet

Indian healthy diet guidelines plan for high blood pressure.

In which you will get 1300 to 1500 calories and 50 to 60 grams of protein.

Heart-healthy foods list & Heart-healthy diet plan & (Cardiac Diet plan food list)


Warm water with lemon juice One glass
4 Almond
2 walnut


2 eggs omelet, with lots of capsicums, or spinach or carrots stuffed roti.
1 cup crud
After your breakfast, if you do a 10-minute walk at home, then you will also get benefit from your weight loss.


After 2 or 3 hours later,
Beetroot juice or watermelon, Apple.

  • Green tea without any sugar.


Two roti + Vegetables + Salad + curd,
One roti + Half cup rice + Dal + Salad + curd.

After taking your lunch, if you do a 15-minutes walk at home, then you will also get the benefit
in your weight loss.


if are you taking tea, then you will take 1 cup of Masala tea or coffee. You will take the same time roasted sunflower seeds.


You should take your dinner at around 7 pm. Minimum before 3 hours ago, a time before you sleep. I recommend you should take a light dinner.

One bowl mix millet rice + salad + curd.
After your dinner, if you do a 10 to 15 minutes’ walk at home, Then you should also get benefits in your weight loss.


One glass of warm milk + 6 almond.
if you don’t take this, then you will take one glass of warm water with lemon juice.

2) Coronary artery disease

Within it, the problem of blocks is included. Those who have high cholesterol are more prone to this problem. At the moment, it is also seen in humans of 25 to 30 years, which is a matter of concern.
Wrong eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, are the main reasons.

3) Myocardial infarction

This is a fatal condition, which we have also called a heart attack. This problem is seen more in patients who have blockage issues and coronary artery issues.

4) Congestive Heart failure

This is end-stage heart illness, those who have coronary artery issues and heart attack issues, their heart becomes powerless. their heart is expected less oxygen, due to which they start feeling difficulty and tired in breathing. If this is not corrected at the right time, if there is no benefit from the surgery, then heart failure can occur in this condition.

Which are the factors that made your heart disease grow?

1) Age

With age, the heart muscle works less, due to which you may have heart disease.

2) Gender

In women, estrogen hormone is found, due to which the chances of heart disease in women are less.

3) Family history

If you have heart disease in your family, or you have a father, then it increases the chance of getting heart disease.

4) some more factors

  1. High blood pressure
  2. High cholesterol
  3. diabetes
  4. obesity
  5. Smoking and Alcohol
  6. Wrong eating habits
  7. No exercise

If you are less than 48 and you adopt these tips, then your heart can improve up to 50%.

Tips to Improve your Heart Health

1) Choose the right cooking oil

When we think about being healthy, then the first thing that comes in our mind, is our oil right? You should be concerned about your heart health after 30 years. Whether it is about weight loss or fitness or heart health, your fitness trainer will talk about reducing spicy food and oil from your diet. So we need to choose the right oil and take the right amount of oil.

Which oil is good for your health?

1) Cold-pressed oil
2) Ghee
3) Coconut oil
4) Olive oil
5) Sarso oil

2) Check your salt intake

If you reduce your salt usage and take it just 5 to 6 grams, then you will see improvement in your heart health in just 3 days. If you do not have thyroid disease, then pink salt or potassium salt will be very good for you. You should stay away from bakery food, Chinese food, pickles, and instant food as much as possible. (Healthy Diet Guidelines Plan for Heart Patients)

3) Consume Fruits and vegetables

Involve as many Green, Red, Yellow, Orange Fruits, and Vegetables as possible. They increase your body’s level of antioxidants and help in heart functions. And it also boosts your immunity power, which gives you the strength to fight in front of the disease. Fruits good for the heart and foods bad for the heart. (Healthy Diet Guidelines Plan for Heart Patients)

4) Consume whole Grains and Millets

Whole grains and millets have more evidence of fiber, which makes your blood cells healthy.

5) Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Stay away from alcohol and smoking as much as possible, as these increase the oxidative stress of your body, and increase the overall stress, also increase blood pressure. In addition, It worsens your heart as well as your liver and your lungs.

6) Reduce Sugar Intake

You should reduce your sugar intake, the less sugar you take, the better for your heart, and your body is good for both.

7) Check your Protein size

No matter how healthy you are eating, but eating too much health can harm you. So you should check your protein level. Only a small protein at a time.

8) Consume Functional Food

There are some foods that increase good cholesterol by lowering your bad cholesterol and boost your heart strength.

Flax seeds
Methi seeds
Green Tea

9) Improve your Physical Activity

Physical activity must be done, if you want to have heart and body health, then physical activity is best. In a physical activity like you can do exercise, swimming, yoga. Physical activity not only protects you from heart disease, but it also gives you a healthy long life.

10) De-stress

7 to 8 hours of sleep is a great way to keep yourself away from stress. Natural sleep is very important. Apart from this, you can also overcome your stress by doing yoga, meditation, painting, dancing. Either, you can also do that activity, which makes you more relaxed.

If you are less than 48 and you adopt these tips, then your heart can improve up to 50%.

Healthy Indian diet guidelines plan for Heart patients & Healthy meal plans for heart patients.


2 to 3 Garlic poos + soaked Methi + warm water with lemon juice.
After 10 minutes
6-7 Soaked Almond
2 Soaked Walnut


1 Rava Dosa with coconut pest, or 1 Bowel oats upma, or 2 Small Rava chilla + vegetables, or 1 Bowl Poha + Vegetables.


Apple or Guava + Green Tea + Flaxseeds


Salad 1 plate + 2 Fulka/Roti + Dal/lobia/chawli + Curd + (100 grams of fish)


Green Tea, or Buttermilk + Flaxseeds


1) Mix Vegetables Soups + Couscous salad + Green Vegetables

2) Mix Vegetable Soups + Vegetables mixed rice + Green vegetables


Turmeric milk + 6 soaked Almonds + 2 soaked walnuts

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