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YouTuber Who Allegedly Harassed K-pop Group Itzy Releases Statement

The YouTuber allegedly harassed Chaeryeong

The YouTuber known as Kagwang was recently accused of harassing K-pop group Itzy’s Chaeryeong. On February 23, he posted a statement to defend himself on his blog.

According to him, he was minding his business at the airport when his viewers informed him that he was at the same airport as the girl group:Helping myself to the free whiskey, cola and buffet at the lounge, I realized my chat room was full of comments that I was at the same airport as ITZY, so I asked who ITZY was and if they were more famous than Geum Bo Ra, and in my time (the popular group) it was Taesaja.”

He went on to detail the events, saying his viewers then told him that Itzy probably overheard everything he said and after talking to one of the members, apparently Chaeryeong, she walked away from him. him. “The audience told me afterwards that ITZY was sitting next to me and probably heard everything. A member of ITZY changed seats when after making eye contact I asked if she was a celebrity.

He added that: “When I tried to talk to him, his manager stopped me. Even though it was coincidental because I was sitting next to them in the airport lounge and because we were on the same flight, I think they thought I was a sasaeng fan.

Kagwang also claimed that he acted completely normal during the interaction and planned to sue news sites that wrote about the incident without knowing the truth.

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