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‘You were Shiva’s chamcha, it will remain a chamcha’ – Archana Gautam lashed out at MC Stan – Video


Archana Gautam targeted MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16’s house last week. For this attitude of his, the fans were very angry with him.

'You were Shiva's chamcha, it will remain a chamcha' - Archana Gautam lashed out at MC Stan - Video

Shiv.Archana Gautam, MC Stan

All the contestants eagerly wait for ‘Weekend Ke Vaar’ in Bigg Boss 16’s house. In the recent ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Salman Khan Archana’s classes were fiercely conducted. During this, Colors TV has shared a funny meme showing a glimpse of this quarrel. In this meme, we can see that Archana is venting her anger on MC Stan. She is saying to Shiva that ‘Tu Shiv ka chamcha tha, chamcha hi rahega’ Colors TV has written a funny caption below this video.

It is written in the caption below this meme of Colors TV Archana that such people should be punished severely. In the video too, we can see it written that when someone reminds you of homework, the last bencher says ‘Tu Shiv ka chamcha tha, chamcha hi rahega’. People are liking this meme very much. Some fans have also commented below this meme.

Archana is jealous of Stan?

Talking about Archana and Stan, there was a big fight between them recently. Salman Khan said that after Stan’s show on the occasion of New Year, Archana felt jealous of him and due to this she targeted Stan. But when asked about this, he tried to say that Shiv Thackeray had instigated him to have a fight with Stan.

This is the friendship of the troupe that can be seen at home

Let us tell you, the friendship of Shiv Thackeray and MC Stan is being seen in Bigg Boss house from day one. The group of Shiv, Stan, Sajid, Sumbul and Nimrit has been named Mandali by their fellow Bigg Boss contestants. This troupe has been targeted many times but always the troupe has been seen to be overwhelming.

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