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‘You’ star Penn Badgley admits he was ‘too old’ to play high school student in ‘Easy A’

‘You’ star Penn Badgley admits he was ‘too old’ to play high school student in ‘Easy A’

netflix You famous actor Penn Badgley, who played a high school student in a girl’s movie Easy admitted he was too old for the role.

Badgley, 36, explored new horizons of success with his role as romantic serial killer Joe on Netflix You.

But before that, Badgley played a lot of high school characters that he thinks are too old to do.

In 2010, the actor starred alongside Emma Stone in a high school romantic comedy movie Easybased on a girl who starts pretending to date guys.

Things then took a hilarious turn and spiraled out of control as everyone tried to sort out what’s real and what’s fake.

In a recent Autofill interview for WIRED, Badgley shared his experience working on Easy A and his age during the film’s production.

“Older than high school,” the actor laughed. “Criminally old to play a high schooler.” Badgley guessed he was “22, at least” during filming, but he was “lifting more weight then”.

THE Gossip Girl star has nothing but good things to say about his time on set working on Easy.

In another interview with Colliderthe actor said his role was “very good” and “refreshing” to watch in a high school comedy.

“Personally, I like that kind of comedy,” Badgley said of Easy. “It’s a bit of a heightened reality obviously because life isn’t always so fun, but it’s real. There’s a certain looseness. I would look forward to the chance to do that kind of much more things.

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