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Wonyoung of K-pop group IVE talks about the criticism she receives

She has also already broached the subject

Wongyoug of K-pop group IVE discusses the criticism she receives on TV docuseries K-POP generation. The show takes a look at the past and present of K-pop and IVE was the latest group to appear on the show.

The idols talked about a lot of things, including their personal lives as well as their performing careers. In her part, Wongyoung talked about self-love and how that plays a role in dealing with the criticism she receives.

“I tend to love myself. Criticism… People can give you some even when you don’t want them, so how about giving you nothing but love.

According Koreaboo, fans went on to praise her mindset, admitting that there’s no better response to haters than self-love. She’s already broached the subject as well, explaining that she likes to focus on the love her fans give her rather than the hate.

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