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Willie Aames Feels ‘Drained’ Over ‘Eight Is Enough’ Co-Star Adam Rich’s Demise


eight is enough alum Willie Aames wrote an emotional note, mourning the loss of his longtime friend Adam Rich.

According to People, After Adam Rich’s death, announced on Sunday, January 8, Adam Rich shared his grief on Facebook and wrote a touching note for his longtime friend.

Aames wrote: “This morning [my wife] Winnie woke me up with the heartbreaking news of Adam Rich’s passing.”

“I’m disgusted. Adam was more than a colleague. He was really my only little brother. A lifelong friend,” he continued.

Aames also shared Rich’s intention to return to Hollywood in recent years, “For the past few years, Adam has dreamed of renewing his career. He was one of those child actors that our generation will always remember.”

He also spoke about Rich’s character as his brother, Nicholas, on the show, “I can’t tell you how many parents have told me they named their first child ‘Nicholas’ after his character. Eight Is Enough.”

“The dwindling brotherhood of children who grew up during the golden years of family television has lost another one of our own. I will miss him deeply,” he added.

Aames concluded his post, “Rest ‘AR’ You were the cutest TV kid ever,” adding the hashtag “#heartbroken.”

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