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William will be ‘polite’ to Harry if he comes to the coronation as ‘everyone will be watching’


Prince William is expected to behave nicely to Prince Harry if he decides to come to King Charles’ coronation because “everyone will be watching”.

The Prince of Wales wouldn’t want to air his dirty laundry at the next historic event, but that wouldn’t mean he’s open to reconciliation with the Duke of Sussex.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said ALL RIGHT! Magazine that she is pessimistic about Harry and William’s relationship and that it “will take some kind of tragedy for them to become friends again”.

However, during the ceremony, William “will be polite” to Harry and his wife Meghan Markle “in public”, added the royal expert.

“It’s part of his job to be good in public, and he will. Because everyone will be watching!” she says.

Sharing her opinion on whether or not Princess Diana and King Charles’ boys will reconcile, she said she ‘doesn’t see that happening in the immediate future’.

Speaking about the rest of the family’s behavior with the California-based royal couple at the coronation, Ingrid said: “The family will be lovely.”

“They will be awfully nice but cold. There will be no privacy but they will put a good chat.

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