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Will Prince Harry’s Memoirs Destroy the British Monarchy?

Will Prince Harry’s Memoirs Destroy the British Monarchy?

The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming memoir, Prince Harry Spare will not destroy the British monarchy, believes Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton.

the Mirror United Kingdom quoted Morton as saying Prince Harry’s memoir might cause concern and could make headlines around the world, but “it won’t destroy the institution.”

He added, “And if the institution is so weak that it can’t support a book written by a junior member, then it’s probably not worth keeping… I mean, quite frankly, a book written by [a monarch], a future queen, Diana, and a book by King Charles are far more relevant and important than a book of, what is it now? (But) Sixth in line to the throne, who will quickly descend in the hierarchy.”

“I think people will be looking for headlines, but more like The Crown, once you actually read it and once you see it, it’s more layered, more nuanced than screaming headlines,” added Andrew Morton .

Prince Harry’s memoir will be released on January 10.

Days before the tell-all release, Prince Harry said he saw “no will to reconcile” in a palace rift where leaks paint him and his wife Meghan as villains.

According to interview excerpts aired on Monday, Harry, 38, said he would nevertheless like to have his father King Charles and brother William back as heir to the British throne.

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