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Will not give 15 crores, I will call Russian and feed him blue pills, he will die… New revelation on Satish Koshik’s death


SATISH KAUSHIK: Vikas Malu’s wife has made serious allegations against her husband, she has told in her complaint to the police that Vikas conspired to kill Satish for Rs 15 crore.

Will not give 15 crores, I will call Russian and feed him blue pills, he will die... New revelation on Satish Koshik's death

Satish Kaushik Case: Film director-actor Satish Kaushik Every day some new revelation is coming to the fore after his death. Please tell that on the day of Holi, Satish had gone to a firm house to play Holi. Shanvi Malu, wife of Vikas Malu, the owner of this farm house, has accused her husband of conspiring to kill Satish Kaushik for Rs 15 crore. According to Shanvi Malu, the death of actor Satish Kaushik was not natural. He has given a written complaint to the Delhi Commissioner in this matter. He told that he was married to Vikas in the year 2019. Since then I got acquainted with Satish, he often used to come to our house in Dubai.

He told that one day Satish Kaushik asked Vikas for his 15 crore rupees. I was also there at that time. There was a lot of dispute between the two regarding money. He told that three years ago, Vikas had borrowed Rs 15 crore from Satish for a business. But he took the money but did not invest it anywhere. Whenever Satish asked, he used to twist things. Vikas had promised the actor that he would soon return his money after coming to India. That day after the dispute between Satish and Vikas, when I asked my husband about which money Satish Kaushik is talking about.

Vikas had borrowed from Satish

So he told that he has borrowed 15 crore rupees from Kaushik, which has sunk due to Kovid. On the question of money return, he told me that now I will not give money to Satish, someday I will call a Russian and give him an overdose of blue pills, he will die like this.

He told that in August last year, when Satish asked for money from Vikas, he became enraged. And started saying that the money got drowned when told. He also told Satish that you have given the money in cash, so you do not have any proof. You can’t even file a case against me. He told that the same night Vikas told me that something will have to be done about it soon. Otherwise it will not remain calm.

Allegations of drug smuggling

Shanvi has also accused her husband of drug smuggling. He told that Malu also has relations with underworld Dawood. Along with his complaint, he has also handed over some photos to the police. According to Malu’s wife, if there was a party at Delhi’s farmhouse, her husband would have used heroin, blue pills, etc. in large quantities.

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