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Will always regret this… Sanjeev Kaushal breaks silence on Tunisha’s claim of being stepfather


Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Now Sanjeev Kaushal himself has broken the silence on the allegations leveled against him by Sheejan’s sisters. He has responded to the allegations leveled against him in a recent interview.

Will always regret this... Sanjeev Kaushal breaks silence on Tunisha's claim of being stepfather

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: TV Serial Ali Baba: Dastan-e-Kabul Actress Tunisha Sharma Shocking revelations are happening every day in the case of K’s suicide. where on one side Sheezan Khan Is in judicial custody and the police is engaged in the investigation of this matter, on the other hand, the process of allegations and counter-allegations is also going on.

Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma accused Sheejan of cheating Tunisha in love, along with many other allegations. In response to the allegations, Sheejan’s mother Kahkashan, her two sisters Falak Naaz and Shafak Naaz, as well as lawyer Shailendra Mishra held a press conference on January 2 and answered all the allegations. Along with this, a person named Sanjeev Kaushal was accused that he and mother Vanita Sharma together used to suppress Tunisha.

It has also been said in this press conference that Sanjeev Kaushal who calls himself Tunisha’s maternal uncle has no blood relation with Tunisha. There are also rumors of him being Tunisha’s stepfather. Now Sanjeev Kaushal himself has come forward and replied on these allegations.

Know what Sanjeev Kaushal said?

Talking about this with ETimes, Sanjeev Kaushal said, “I will probably always regret that she is not my own daughter. Everyone would like to have such a lovely and talented daughter. I have always loved her like my daughter Ritika. We have even celebrated Tunisha and Ritika’s birthday together.” Sanjeev Kaushal told that he has known Tunisha’s family for the last 10-12 years.

Sanjeev Kaushal further said, “We have always treated both Tunisha and Ritika equally. The one who used to come for Tunisha used to come for Ritika and the one who used to come for Ritika was for Tunisha. There are some relations which are more than relatives. Belongs to everyone.

Said this on controlling Tunisha

Regarding controlling Tunisha and her money, Sanjeev Kaushal said, “She started working from the age of 20. Somebody had to take care of his money. But we never stopped her from buying anything. She was free to spend her money wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted.”

On forcing Tunisha to work, he said, “How can someone force someone to work. Acting was his passion. Please tell that Tunisha committed suicide by hanging herself in the make-up room of the set on 24 December.

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