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Why didn’t Meghan Markle defend Prince Harry in the wake of the latest attacks?


Meghan Markle has remained silent since Prince Harry released his explosive tell-all book Spare.

Her silence fueled rumors online, with people asking why she didn’t stand up for her husband in the wake of all the attacks and comedic skits that followed the publication of her book.

Some people think she doesn’t want to be seen in Harry’s interviews about the book which contains unprecedented attacks on the British royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex wants Harry to go solo as she doesn’t want to be part of a campaign against the Royal Family.

She probably thinks Harry will eventually mend his ties with his family and be forgiven for everything he wrote or said about them.

It also seems that she is convinced that Prince Harry could get away with attacks on the royal family, but it would be difficult for her to deal with the royal family if a reconciliation occurs between them because they are not his blood relatives.

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