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While Bollywood producers are worried about Hero’s fees, 800 crores are going to be spent on Yash’s film!


S Shankar is currently busy with his 2 projects. Apart from this, discussion is also being seen with actor Yash about his upcoming film. The amount of its budget that is being told is enough to surprise anyone.

While Bollywood producers are worried about Hero's fees, 800 crores are going to be spent on Yash's film!

Yash Upcoming Movie With Shankar: The craze for films has always been of a different level in the South Industry. The only difference was that the stars of South did not make it on a large scale. More than one budget films have also been made for Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. But after Bahubali, discussion started on a different level. Then Yash’s KGF changed the whole equation. Today, the South industry is ringing all over the world and the name of the country is being illuminated. Meanwhile, exciting revelations are also happening about many upcoming South movies. One such disclosure has happened regarding the next film of South Superstar Yash.

Yash’s film in the budget of 800 crores

After the success of KGF 2, Yash is in limelight for his upcoming movies. In one of these films, he is collaborating with South director S Shankar. This will be a film based on a novel. More details about this have not been revealed yet. But a lot of discussion is being seen regarding its budget. According to the reports, the budget of Yash’s film can be 800 crores. Yes read it right. Rather the estimate is more than this.

In fact, in interviews for some time now, many producers and directors of Bollywood have complained that there are many actors in Bollywood who do not reduce their fees. They charge hefty fees. This makes a difference to the budget and revenue of the film. But while on one hand Bollywood producers are complaining about this, on the other hand Yash and Shankar in South are preparing to do something different together.

Kamal Haasan’s Indian 2 is being made

Please tell that this upcoming film of Yash will be based on a novel named Velpari. The audience is excited about the film, just waiting for more details about it. At present, Shankar has Kamal Haasan’s film Indian 2. According to the reports, the budget of this film is also around 300 crores. Apart from this, he is also doing a film with Ram Charan, whose title has been kept as RC 15.

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