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When Mia Khalifa mocked rapper Babo, compared him to a minor


An old video of Mia Khalifa is going viral on social media. It can be seen how she is seen making fun of the Mexican rapper. She is calling him a minor.

When Mia Khalifa mocked rapper Babo, compared him to a minor

Mia Khalifa Old Incident: Mia Khalifa remains in headlines for one reason or the other. He has given a new twist to his career and Mia is no longer a part of the porn industry. The actress remains very active on social media and fans go crazy after seeing her photos. A video of Mia Khalifa is going viral on social media in which she was seen making fun of Babo.

Babo is in limelight

Please tell that this rapper of Mexico is in headlines at the moment. The reason for this is that one of his sex tapes has been leaked. Actually the matter is few years old. In the year 2019, Mia Khalifa shared a video on YouTube in which she was talking about a video of Babo. This video was of Babo’s music group. During this, he made fun of Babo and compared him to a 17-year-old boy. It can be seen in the video that Miya is looking excited while talking about Babo and making fun of him.

Watch Mia’s video here-

On what did Mia make fun of

Actually in the video Mia talked about many Mexican songs. She told that she likes listening to Mexican songs and has also worked in a Mexican food restaurant. Apart from this, he talked about Babo’s video and also about his activities. In this, he was seen drinking Drinker Four Loco. But Mia jokingly said on this – He is drinking four loko. Are they 17 years old? Who drinks Four Loko after 17 years?

Ares features Mia

Please tell that Four Loko is a drink in which the amount of alcohol is less. Mia Khalifa has recently been included in two of her new assignments by Eris. A photobook has also been released by the label. It includes exclusive pictures of Mia Khalifa. This photobook is available on the official site of Ares. Apart from this, he has also given an interview to Aris.

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