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When Gippy put his hand on Salman’s shoulder despite Diljit’s refusal, then something like this happened…


When Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal decided to meet Salman 12 years ago, the challenges before them were different. Both the actors got a chance to meet Salman Khan with great difficulty. This is an interesting story from that time.

When Gippy put his hand on Salman's shoulder despite Diljit's refusal, then something like this happened...

Salman Khan Interesting Incident Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s charm is different. Everyone is aware of the actor’s anger. It is not that his vivaciousness can be sidelined but whenever it comes to his image, his avatar of Angry Man is also associated with it. Earlier there used to be more talks on this image of him, but now the actor has become quite com and cool with increasing age. But every person living around him remains attentive to the fact that Salman Khan should not feel bad or get angry about anything. He is also in trouble with many celebs in the industry. One such interesting incident is when Punjabi actors Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal came to meet Salman.

When Diljit-Gippy wanted to meet Salman

Actually this is about a decade back. Today Gippy Grewal may be a big name in the Punjabi industry, but at that time Gippy Grewal was a newcomer. Diljit Dosanjh was also with the actor. Gippy had shared this anecdote in an interview given to The Lallantop. Gippy and Diljit were shooting for a film. Meanwhile, he came to know that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is also shooting somewhere nearby. After this there was no place for his happiness. Both made up their mind to meet Salman.

meeting was not easy

Now Gippy and Diljit are new. On the other hand, Salman was a big star even at that time and after Wanted, his films started doing good collections. In such a situation, meeting Salman was not an easy task for both the actors at that time. But then Diljit remembered that the producer of his film knew Salman well and could help him meet Bhaijaan. Then what was there. Diljit dialed the phone and both got 5 minutes to meet Salman.

When both of them met Salman, they were shocked. It was a fan moment. Both were very happy. In this flow, Gippy requested that since Salman Bhai has already met, then a photo should also be clicked together. At first Diljit refused, then both hesitantly decided to take a step forward. The matter has also become.

narrow escape gippy

Diljit took a photo with Salman first. Then Gippy also jumped. During this, he was keeping his hand on Salman’s shoulder. Diljit had already warned him not to put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. But Gippy put his hand in the flow. Now both of them have disappeared. Both were worried that Salman might feel bad about this or get angry. But Salman didn’t react and got himself photographed smiling. Then both of them came to life.

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