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What are dystopian movies on the lines Prabhas’ big film ‘Project K’ is going to be made?


There can be many revelations in the year 2023 regarding the film project of South Superstar Prabhas. Although this movie is likely to be released in the year 2024, but discussions about it are going on from the year 2022 itself. This will be a special film which will be released after Prabhas’ Salaar and Adipurush.

What are dystopian movies on the lines Prabhas' big film 'Project K' is going to be made?

Prabhas Movie Project K: Discussions keep on going on day after day about what will be the future of the country. No one has any knowledge of the future. But the person sitting in every corner of the world is worried about the future and thoughts keep running in his mind that what changes can happen in the world in the coming times. Will everything end? Will aliens and robots take over the world? Will nature’s nature change at once? If we get to see a film with logic on some such rare fantasies, then it should be understood that it can be a dystopian movie.

what are dystopian movies

The direct reference to dystopian movies is to make films in such a place where all the possibilities of humanity are over. Where living is rare, beyond imagination, where human beings without soul seem like machines. Where the sins of the governments are leading it towards complete destruction. In simple words, the place which is not worth living. Films have been made on such issues indiscriminately. That too not from today, from a long time ago.

These are some popular dystopian movies made in Hollywood

Hollywood has always been working on good content. Many such films have been made which shake a person completely. Many dystopian movies have been made in Hollywood. This includes movies like Equilibrium, The Running Man, Strange Days, Escape from New York, The Trauma Show, Dark City, District 9, X Man Days of Future Past, Minority Report and City of Lost Children.

Apart from this, to name some great dystopian movies, there are films like Blade Runner, 1984, The Lobster, The Trial, Stalker, Children of Man, Akira Robocop, The Matrix and Brazil that you can watch.

Has such a movie been made in Bollywood till now?

Although many such films have not been made in Indian cinema, but there are few films including South and Bollywood which can be kept in this category. The film Aditya 369, directed by Sangeetham Srinivasan Roy, can be included in this list. The upcoming South film Avatar can also be included in this. Apart from this, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s short movie Carbon is also a part of this list. Apart from this, the film Matrabhoomi released in Hindi is also included in this list.

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