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Want to leave social media… Niti Taylor upset with trolling, attacks on family too


Recently, Niti Taylor has given a fierce class to the trollers. Explain that the reason for this is that along with Neeti’s parents, social media users also attacked her in-laws and her one-year-old niece.

Want to leave social media… Niti Taylor upset with trolling, attacks on family too

Niti Taylor is a popular face of the industry. Celebs have to become a victim of trolling on social media. In such a situation, now in this list Niti Taylor (Niti Taylor)’s name has also been added. The stars also ignore these trolls well so that their personal life becomes a little easier. But, sometimes one gets to hear some such things and things, which is not possible to ignore. In a recent interview, Niti has also made a disclosure about her past.

Niti Taylor is included in the list of stars who are affected by people’s trolling to a great extent. During a conversation with Hindustan Times, he told that, ‘My show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan came in the year 2014, I am being trolled since then. I have always ignored them. But these trolls are following him badly.

Let us tell you that the trollers trolled Niti Taylor to such an extent that apart from her, they also attacked her parents and her parents-in-law. Not only this, he did not spare his one year old niece as well. She says that things had gone so far that trolls started tagging her family members in her edited photos.

‘Don’t reply to trolls but it is very dirty’

She further said that ‘I do not reply to trolls, but they started sending such things to my family, which you cannot even think of. While sharing my edited photo, they call me sad and ugly. This is happening continuously for a month. The use of their language is also very dirty.

‘It is necessary to leave social media’

Not only this, he said in the interview that these people are spreading negativity. There are some people who hide behind the screen and speak. But sometimes I think that I wish I could quit social media. Could live life without it. But now it has become a part of my job. Now it is necessary to be on social media, because you are given work considering your social media followers.

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