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Victoria Beckham will have a face-to-face discussion with Nicola Peltz after a year of feuding


Victoria Beckham wants to settle the ongoing fight with her stepdaughter Nicola Peltz after a year-long row.

the old The Spice Girls The member isn’t “afraid” of a confrontation with her eldest son’s wife, Brooklyn Beckham, because she thinks a little more controversy wouldn’t hurt the Beckham brand.

An insider said Closer magazine that Posh Spice wants to end the feud with Brooklyn and Nicola and start bonding again as a family unit.

The insider said: “After a year of bickering and tension, Victoria is finally at her wit’s end with Nicola and wants to put it all behind them this year.”

“She wants to be okay with Nicola whenever possible, but she’s not afraid to have a confrontation with her,” the source added. “Victoria wants to put all their issues on the table and try to get to the heart of the matter.”

“The Beckham brand is never short of drama, whether it’s David’s Qatar controversy or people poking holes in Vic’s fashion empire – but it thinks the least what they can do as a family is support each other.”

The alleged fight between the ladies began at Nicola Peltz’s wedding to the aspiring chef when she opted out of wearing the dress designed by Victoria Beckham.

Also, it was reported that Victoria hijacked the first song Nicola and Brooklyn were supposed to dance to after getting married, making the Transformers starstorm out of its own reception.

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