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Victoria Beckham ‘happy’ to let Nicola Peltz decide for Brooklyn Beckham


Victoria Beckham has finally accepted that Nicola Peltz will now be in charge when it comes to her personal life and that of her husband Brooklyn Beckham.

An insider knocked down to Closer magazine this famous fashion designer is “happy” to let the Transformer the actor makes decisions for herself and for the aspiring chef.

The source even revealed that Posh Spice was ready to show Nicola some ‘respect’ while adding that Victoria just wanted her son and daughter-in-law to continue being part of ‘Brand Beckham’.

“She wants Nicola and Brooklyn to take on more family commitments,” the insider said. “She really hates the idea of ​​the other kids seeing how Brooklyn and Nicola are doing and thinking that everything is okay.”

“Victoria already feels like she’s reaching out to Brooklyn’s career and she’s worried about all the backlash he’s been getting lately about his leadership aspirations.

“But Victoria is willing to take a step back when it comes to personal matters and she wants to show Nicola some respect as well,” the insider noted.

Before concluding, the source said Victoria Beckham now “understands” that Nicola Peltz is “his own wife trying to make her mark in her marriage.”

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