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Victoria Beckham assures fans that Brooklyn isn’t becoming a stylist: “Don’t worry!”


Victoria Beckham has jumped to the defense of her son Brooklyn Beckham after being trolled over his new video hinting at his possible career move.

In a recent video for voguethe eldest son of David Beckham, could be seen describing his wife Nicola Peltz’s outfit while explaining what he likes about this look.

The reel sparked reactions as social media users wondered if Brooklyn was hinting at a career move after his failed attempts at football and photography.

“Is this Brooklyn Beckham…the Brooklyn Beckham, chef, photographer, stylist extraordinaire?” a user commented below the clip.

Victoria Beckham jumps to Brooklyn’s defense again amid new trolling

Another tweeted that Brooklyn’s brain ‘must be donated to science’ to ‘test’ on someone who ‘on paper should be extremely cool but somehow manages to be extremely cringe”.

Coming to her son’s defense, Victoria re-shared the video of her story to assure fans that Brooklyn “isn’t going to be a stylist.”

“Inspiration for tonight’s dinner!” she captioned the reel. “Brooklyn gives me cooking advice, I give her style advice.”

“Don’t worry, he’s not becoming a stylist and I’m not becoming a chef!” she added with a laughing emoji.

Victoria once defended her son against online trolling when he was ridiculed for his ‘Michelin-style’ roast beef.

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