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‘Very hot’ Prince William complained about ‘abrasive’ Meghan to Harry


Prince William confessed he didn’t like Meghan Markle’s “rude” behavior during a serious conversation with Prince Harry.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex admits he was confronted by his older brother over hearsay about Meghan.

Harry admits: “He looked very hot. It was early evening. I offered him a drink, asked about his family. Everyone fine. He didn’t ask about mine “He just went all-in. Chips in the middle of the table. Meg is tough, he said. Oh, really? She’s rude. She’s abrasive. She’s alienated half the staff.”

He added: “I told him that I expected better from my older brother. I was shocked that it pissed him off. Did he come here expecting something different? Did he think that I would agree that my bride was a freak?”

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