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Varun Quits: Qubool Hai actor Varun Turki quit acting, will take training for this thing at the age of 33


So far many actresses have said goodbye to acting for religion, some actors have said goodbye to acting for their business, but Varun Turki has said goodbye to acting for his passion.

Varun Quits: Qubool Hai actor Varun Turki quit acting, will take training for this thing at the age of 33

Varun Toorkey Quits Acting : TV Actor Varun Turkey Working in the TV industry for almost 13 years. Although this handsome man coming in lime light from Qubool Hai actor Has decided to bid goodbye to his old passion acting for his new dream. Let me tell you, Varun is currently not in Indian. They new zealand I am taking training. After the interview given by Varun to a famous foreign magazine, he has become a sensation on social media. However, his fans have got a big shock due to this decision of their favorite actor.

Let us tell you, Varun Turkey is currently learning cooking. Yes, Varun is studying cooking at New Zealand’s famous Culinary College Le Cordon Bleu. Varun has worked in the entertainment industry for 13 years. Now at the age of 33, Varun wants to make his cooking hobby his career.

Varun will take business degree with cooking

Let us tell you, while pursuing a degree in cooking at Le Cordon Bleu, Varun is preparing to pursue a business degree as well. Varun told in an interview given to the international media posted on his Instagram account that his passion for cooking started after seeing his mother cooking. Varun believes that anyone can cook. Cooking is not a big deal. But making food memorable is a big deal.

started work at a young age

Further Varun says that, I started working at a very young age. So my relationship with food deepened. I started earning money very quickly. That is why now I am following my passion. I was always sad that I could not follow my passion. When I felt it was the right time, then I said goodbye to acting.

New decision taken during Corona period

Varun says that “Cooking has always been my hobby and passion. But for 13 years I have been a part of the television world. In 13 years, he faltered many times and recovered. Due to the arrival of Corona, I got an opportunity to think about many things in a new way and I had decided that I have to follow my passion and I joined the cooking industry.

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