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Urfi Javed’s tweet after police interrogation, said- ancient Hindu women used to wear such clothes


Urfi Javed Tweet: Urfi Javed has made several tweets after the police inquiry on Saturday. Sharing a picture, he told how ancient Hindu women used to wear clothes.

Urfi Javed's tweet after police interrogation, said- ancient Hindu women used to wear such clothes

Urfi Javed Instagram: The Social Media Sensation Urfi Javed The reason for her peculiar clothes is always a part of the limelight. However, these days she is in discussion a lot. BJP woman president Chitra Wagh Has accused Urfi of spreading obscenity in public places. In this matter, today i.e. on Saturday, the police questioned Urfi.

In the police interrogation, Urfi Javed said that the right to wear clothes of one’s choice has been given by the Constitution of India. The photo becomes viral, she cannot do anything about it. At the same time, after questioning, Urfi made several tweets.

What did Urfi write in the tweet?

In the first tweet, Urfi Javed wrote, “On one hand they want Hindu Rashtra and on the other hand they want to apply Talibani rules to control the clothes of women. Hinduism, which is the oldest religion, is known for being quite liberal towards women. Then which culture are you talking about.

After this, in the next tweet, Urfi wrote, “I will tell you if it is not part of Indian culture, rape, dance, bars, politicians are openly threatening to kill women because of their clothes.”

Ancient Hindu women used to wear such clothes – Urfi

Apart from these two tweets, Urfi Javed has shared a picture in the next tweet. Sharing this picture, he wrote, “Ancient Hindu women used to wear clothes like this. Hindus were liberal, educated. Women were allowed to choose their own clothes. First go and learn about Indian culture.

Urfi Javed has once again come into the discussion on social media regarding this tweet. Where on one hand BJP’s Chitra Wagh has accused Urfi of spreading obscenity, on the other hand Urfi Javed has filed a complaint against Chitra Wagh in the Social Women’s Commission. Please tell that Urfi Javed is always active on social media and always keeps sharing photos and videos in colorful clothes. Some people like his style, then sometimes he has to be trolled.

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