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Urfi Javed is not getting a house in Mumbai, the reason for Hindu landlord being a Muslim, angry with the style of wearing Muslim clothes


No landlord is giving Urfi Javed a house on rent in Mumbai. Urfi Javed has shared his pain by tweeting.

Urfi Javed is not getting a house in Mumbai, both Hindu Muslim landlords have their own reasons

Mumbai: Model and social media sensation Urfi Kadak is making Barfi in the same way due to wearing less clothes in the cold, now if she is not able to find a home, then who will save her from the cold? Then he might not have to spend the night posing for the paparazzi on the streets of Mumbai. This is becoming a big talking point. because Urfi Javed looking for a house to rent and Mumbai like a landlord in a big city house on rent Not ready to give. Urfi Javed has shared this pain by tweeting.

Urfi is finding it difficult to live in Mumbai due to not getting a house on rent. Urfi Javed has written in a tweet that Hindu landlords are not giving him a house because he is a Muslim, while Muslim landlords are not giving him a house because of the way he wears clothes. Rest of the landlords are afraid of the political threats he is getting. This is the reason why Urfi is going to be homeless.

Urfi Javed wrote his pain by tweeting

Urfi Javed has expressed his pain by tweeting. Urfi has written, ‘Because of my clothes, Muslim landlords are not giving me houses on rent. I am a Muslim, so Hindu house owners are not giving me houses on rent. Some landlords are scared of the political threats I am getting. It is very difficult to find an apartment on rent in Mumbai.

Should have thought before wearing such absurd clothes – getting advice

After this tweet of Urfi, people’s reactions are coming out. While tweeting, some netizens have written that it is wrong not to give Urfi a house because of these reasons, while some have given lengthy advice to Urfi. One person has written that, ‘You should have taken care of all these things before wearing such clothes. Some netizens from outside Mumbai say that if they want a house in their city, they can be of use to them.

Please tell that Urfi Javed has been in constant discussion for the last few days. BJP’s Maharashtra woman president Chitra Wagh had filed a complaint against Urfi Javed to the Mumbai Police and said that she would not allow Urfi’s orgy to continue in Maharashtra. After this Urfi Javed was also threatened. Because of this, the State Commission for Women had also got her statement recorded. Now Urfi Javed has come into limelight because of not getting a house.

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