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Urfi Javed: ‘Father abused, mother beat’, Urfi was ready to die


Actress Urfi Javed has recently disclosed about her childhood during her interview. He has talked about his upbringing and told how his father used to beat him and abuse him. Fed up with all this, he had made up his mind to commit suicide.

Urfi Javed: 'Father abused, mother beat', Urfi was ready to die

Mumbai: Urfi Javed is very independent today. She stays in headlines because of her outspokenness. Apart from this, due to her outfit, she remains on the target of trolls on social media. Urfi Javed Has recently talked about his personal life during an interview. During this, he has told how his upbringing was. Apart from this, he also talked about the strictness of his father. You must have seen Urfi smiling in front of the camera most of the times. But for the first time the actress talked about the struggles of her life and looked emotional.

Urfi told in an interview to Dirty Magazine that he was brought up in Lucknow. Her parents had five children in which she was second. His father used to beat and abuse him. His mother also used to beat him. Had to hear all this every day. I even tried to commit suicide. I had made up my mind to leave the house. My father used to put restrictions in everything. But at that time I used to watch TV more. I have always had an inclination towards fashion. I didn’t have much understanding of fashion but I knew what to wear. I wanted to stand out. Whenever I used to go to the party, people used to look at me from side to side.

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Urfi further told in the interview that how she was always worried about money. When she was growing up, she did not have any money at all. But the dream of a rich girl used to grow in my mind. His ideology was such that a woman should not run after a man but after money.

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Please tell that Urfi Javed first got popularity from Karan Johar’s show Bigg Boss OTT. In this, she was the first contestant to be eliminated. She cried a lot after leaving the show. Since then, the actress has become very active on social media and her photos go viral one after the other. Because of this people troll him a lot. But she remains engrossed in her tune. This is his specialty.

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