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U-KISS’ Kevin Woo Reveals The First Time He Met BTS

His opportunity to meet the band came on the talk show After School Club

Kevin Woo of K-pop group U-KISS talks about the first time he met global legends BTS. The opportunity for him to meet the group came on the talk show after school clubwhich he hosts with Eric Nam.

BTS were just rookies at the time, but Kevin has been a fan since their early days, as he recalls, “how [and] they were energetic.

Kevin has shown his support for the band many times over the years. He showed off his makeup routine while preparing for the Broadway show KPOPand used the BT21 makeup products.

He recently participated in To the challenge of the street, which comes from the new track of J-Hope In the street with J. Cole. He showed his visible enthusiasm in a clip when J-Hope actually commented on his cover of the song.

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