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Tunisha Suicide Case: Tunisha installed dating app after breakup with Sheejan? used to talk to this person


Tunisha Shrama On Dating App: Sheezan Khan’s lawyer claims Tunisha Sharma had downloaded the dating app after the breakup. Tunisha had talked to this person before suicide.

Tunisha Suicide Case: Tunisha installed dating app after breakup with Sheejan?  used to talk to this person

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: actress Tunisha Sharma Everyday new revelations are happening in the suicide case. shazin khan During the hearing on the bail plea, his lawyer Shailendra Mishra has revealed that after the breakup with Sheejan Khan, Tunisha Sharma used the dating app. tinder had downloaded. Tunisha used to talk to a man named Ali through a dating app. The lawyer said that on December 24, Sheejan had left Tunisha alone in the make-up room, after which Tunisha spoke to Ali via video call before suicide.

Tunisha and Ali met on a dating app

Sheejan Khan’s lawyer revealed in the court that after the breakup with Sheejan, both Tunisha’s lives were going on very normal. Both Tunisha and Sheejan had moved on. Even Tunisha had joined a dating app named Tinder where she met a man named Ali. Ali and Tunisha were in contact with each other from 21 December to 24 December. Both started spending time with each other late in the evening. Both Ali and Tunisha also visited a cake shop and spent 3 hours in a hookah parlour. Tunisha also went on a date with Ali. Tunisha herself had told all these things to Sheejan before her death.

Tunisha had called her mother from Ali’s phone before her death

Sheejan’s lawyer said that ‘Tunisha had also called her mother Vanita Sharma using Ali’s phone’. The police is claiming that Tunisha spoke to Sheejan for the last time, whereas it is not so. When Sheejan went to shoot on the set, Tunisha made a video call to Ali and both of them had a video call conversation for 15 minutes.

Tunisha’s lawyer raised questions

Now Tunisha’s lawyer has also raised questions on this whole matter. Tunisha’s lawyer has shared a video in which it is said that ‘when Sheejan had gone out of the make-up room, how did he know that Tunisha had spoken to Ali? while she was dead. Tunisha’s lawyer said that ‘we think this is a 302 case’.

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