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‘Tunisha could have survived, but…’ Actress’s mother Vanita Sharma made another serious allegation on Sheejan


Tunish Sharma Suicide Case: Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanita Sharma has made another allegation against Sheejan Khan. He has said that Tunisha’s life could have been saved.

'Tunisha could have survived, but...' Actress's mother Vanita Sharma made another serious allegation on Sheejan

Tunisha Sharma Mother Allegation On Sheezan Khan: On set on 24th December Tunisha Sharma After his suicide, his mother Sheezan Khan But made many serious allegations. Sheejan is currently in judicial custody. His bail plea was heard on January 7, but the court postponed the hearing till January 9. Meanwhile, Tunisha Sharma’s mother Vanita Sharma Has made another big allegation on Sheejan.

Significantly, after hanging Tunisha on the set, Sheejan took her to the hospital. Now in this case, Tunisha’s mother has accused Sheejan saying that there was a hospital five minutes away from the set, but Sheejan took Tunisha to a distant hospital.

Tunisha was breathing – Vanita Sharma

Talking to ANI, Tunisha Sharma’s mother said, “It could be suicide or murder. I am saying this because Sheejan had taken her to a distant hospital. There were hospitals five minutes away from the set. So why didn’t he take him to the nearest hospital? She was breathing, she could have survived.”

Mother narrated Tunisha’s voice message

When asked whether your relationship with Tunisha was not good? On this Vanita Sharma said, “She had a very good relationship with me, she did not live without me, she did not sleep without me.” During this Vanita Sharma further narrated a voice message of Tunisha. According to him, Tunisha had sent this message to him on December 21, three days before committing suicide.

In this voice message, Tunisha says, “I cannot tell you how much I love you, mamma. Mama I love you Mama, whatever you do sometimes for me… I love you very much. Thank you my love I will come home soon and then sleep with you.

Vanita Sharma further said that Sheejan’s mother will not tell her what kind of relationship she has with Tunisha. He said, “I need to explain to someone, because I have spent my whole life for Tunisha.”

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