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Trevor Noah shares what he’s ‘missing’ and ‘not missing’ about Daily Show

Trevor Noah shares what he’s ‘missing’ and ‘not missing’ about Daily Show

Trevor Noah recently spoke about the release of the Daily show last month on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

During the latest episode of Stephen’s show, Trevor confessed that he was enjoying this break from the daily ‘routine’.

“I remember there was a Met Gala after the party I was at,” the 38-year-old recalled.

the old Daily show the host continued, “You’re at this event, it’s amazing, everyone’s having a great time, you know there’s people dancing, there’s Rihanna, there’s Harry Styles, and I’m in a corner like, ‘Is the filibuster tomorrow? What’s happening tomorrow?’ … so, now, I decide when to consume news.

Trevor revealed that the things he misses most about the show are “the people, the culture and the vibe – but that’s about it”.

“Doing a daily TV show, in many ways, is like planning a wedding,” Trevor joked.

He explained, “So you wonder who the guests are? What are you gonna wear? What will happen? Who’s going to toast? what will the speeches be about? What is everyone eating? Who is sitting where? How is it going? And then the wedding takes place, and then you say, ‘Okay, we’re having another wedding tomorrow’.

Trevor added: “There is no honeymoon”

“So I miss the discipline, I miss the joy that comes from cracking that nut every day, but I don’t miss the grind,” he remarked.

At the end, Trevor also joked, “I get bored of thinking about things too, now. So now something is happening and I’m enjoying being able to sit down and be like, “Hey, I don’t have an opinion yet.”

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