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Top 25 Trending Netflix Movies & Series Worldwide: List

Top 25 Trending Netflix Movies & Series Worldwide: List

Netflix released a wide variety of movies and series for its subscribers worldwide and surpassed the global market.

Here is the list of all the most popular shows currently trending across the globe.

List of top 25 trending movies in the world:

  1. Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads
  2. Matilda the musical by Roald Dahl
  3. White noise
  4. Jumanji: the next level
  5. Knives out
  6. 7 gives and a mystery
  7. honest thief
  8. hard target 2
  9. Mil
  10. The colors of love
  11. Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro
  12. Bloodshot
  13. Gatta Kusti
  14. Double XL
  15. PSD
  16. A Quiet Place Part II
  17. Brawl in Cell Block 99
  18. High-speed train
  19. Revenge: A Love Story
  20. swimmers
  21. Sniper: Ultimate Kill
  22. Medieval
  23. The crooked lines of God
  24. The Scorpion King: The Rise of a Warrior
  25. Ad Astra

List of the 25 most popular series in the world:

  1. Wednesday
  2. Emily in Paris
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Alice in Borderland
  5. Treason
  6. Glory
  7. The Witcher: Origin of Blood
  8. The Queen of the South
  9. The recruit
  10. alchemy of souls
  11. lady voyeur
  12. Until the money do us part
  13. Rise of Empires: Ottoman
  14. The uninterrupted voice
  15. Harry and Meghan
  16. madre solo hay back
  17. Bachelor’s Hell
  18. Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin
  19. Too hot to handle
  20. the good doctor
  21. Alpha Males
  22. Brooklyn nine-nine
  23. First love
  24. The fisherman
  25. Sicak Kafa
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