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Tom Cruise’s self-obsessed behavior is the biggest ‘annoyance’ for women interested in dating him


Tom Cruise is said to have a self-obsessed nature and his urge to control the women he dates has caused several interested women to distance themselves from the hunk.

An insider said Speed ​​cameras online that the Top Gun: Maverick star wants to get back into the dating game but due to his strained reputation no one wants to be linked to him.

The superstar has kept his love life low-key and personal since splitting from his wife of six years, Katie Homes, in 2012.

“Tom would love to have someone in his life…the truth is his reputation just isn’t great,” the insider said, adding that aside from his obsessive nature, his connection to Scientology is a big obstacle for women.

“The whole history of Scientology is rubbish for most women, and he can’t really downplay it. He’s very committed to it,” the insider explained.

Rumor has it that Cruise was in a relationship with his Impossible mission co-star Hayley Atwell in 2020, but she called it quits because “his controlling ways were getting too much for her.”

“He worked really hard to hang on to Hayley. But his controlling ways got too much for her – and she ended it. Women find him far too intense and he’s become the least eligible bachelor of Hollywood.”

“For him, any partner is an extension of him — and his brand — so he’s been known to be very micro-managing — right down to the clothes they can wear when they date him,” the insider noted.

The outlet shared that Cruise often makes the women he dates feel like part of his staff. “It’s really off-putting. A lot of women left after a few dates,” the source shared.

“He wants all the attention on him. He has to be the star of any relationship,” the insider said of his “obsessive” nature.

Before concluding, the source also revealed that his ex-wife Mimi Rogers divorced him and hinted that she did so because Cruise was “seriously considering becoming a monk.”

“It shows just how extreme Tom can be,” the insider explained. “Obviously he never became a monk, but that’s the kind of weird stuff he does.”

“There are so many stories out there. Women are very hesitant to go out with him.”

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