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Tom Cruise skips the 2023 Oscars to avoid jokes about him?

Tom Cruise skips the 2023 Oscars to avoid jokes about him?

The official reason Tom Crusie didn’t attend the Oscars was his scheduling conflict with Impossible mission shoot in uk

However, insiders paint a different picture of the event’s 60-year absence.

Sources close to the situation suggested the megastar skipped the eleventh-hour ceremony because he learned Judd Apatow was putting his spin on Kimmel’s monologue, according to Variety.

Earlier, It’s 40 the filmmaker threw several brutal jokes at the Superior gun star at the DGA Awards.

However, the late night host and executive producer’s wife Molly McNearney didn’t buy into the speculation.

“Jimmy tends to send his monologue to a group of people he trusts, comedy writers and comedians,” McNearney added.

“They don’t help with the monologue. They just tell him that this joke works, this joke doesn’t. No, Judd wasn’t writing or doing anything for the monologue.

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