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TJ Holmes a serial cheater? The latest scandal suggests so

TJ Holmes a serial cheater? The latest scandal suggests so

The latest scandal in the TJ Holmes affair has surfaced amid outrage over the recent romance with co-host Amy Robach has remained very much in the news.

According to Daily Mailthem CMG3 The host had a limited-time affair with ABC intern Jasmin Pettaway, then 24, in 2015.

The insider told the Mail that the two often worked the same shifts and initially developed a friendly dynamic.

“Holmes was a drinker, and he and Jasmin started doing it,” the source added.

Soon after, the duo’s friendship turned into physical intimacy, with an insider claiming the pair engaged in Holmes’ office “a few hours” before he went live on set.

“They had ***, and I know she was confused afterwards as to what that meant,” the insider revealed.

The then-married Holmes’ short-lived relationship with the intern eventually “collapsed”.

The source claimed that Holmes used Pettaway and was never fully invested in the alleged affair.

“He had everything on his terms. He was interested and then he wasn’t,” the insider said, adding: “Nobody talked about abuse of power at the time, but he things happened.”

The insider added, “He was a predator who took full advantage of his position and he was reckless.”

The scandalous new information that came to light led ABC to investigate the matter.

“There is already an internal investigation underway to find out if something happened between TJ and Jasmin Pettaway,” the source said. Page 6.

Previously, ABC showed Robach and Holmes the door after investigating their romantic romance.

‘Amy and TJ are out, a decision has been made,’ source says We Weekly regarding GMA hosts. “The network is negotiating their exit deals and an announcement with them.”

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