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Tilda Swinton salutes the success of ‘Everything Everywhere’ at the Oscars

Tilda Swinton salutes the success of ‘Everything Everywhere’ at the Oscars

Recognized for her independent films and blockbusters, actress Tilda Swinton hailed the latest Oscars.

“It’s a new world,” Swinton said of the wins, during an SXSW conference call with Eugene Hernandez.

“I feel like we’ve all spent a lot of time saying the Oscars don’t matter,” she continued.

Swinton added that it’s encouraging to see an original film like Everything everywhere all at once to be recognized on the big stage.

The ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ star said she’s always struggled with the concept of rewarding anything for being ‘the best’.

“I think the ‘best’ really doesn’t serve anyone.” said Swinton.

Everywhere premiered at the SXSW film festival a year prior in 2022. Swinton is debuting his latest film, A24’s Problemista, at the festival.

Tilda Swinton has garnered many accolades. She has won an Oscar, a British Academy Film Award, in addition to nominations for three Golden Globe Awards and five Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 2020, she was named among one of the greatest actors of the 21st century, by The New York Times.

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