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“This book is the story of my life”

Paris Hilton spills the beans on her tell-all memoir: ‘This book is the story of my life’

Paris Hilton just penned a note celebrating the rush to release her tell-all memoir.

Hilton posted the admission in one of her candid social media announcements.

The post began by offering a glimpse of what Paris intends to lay bare in the reveal.

From “growing up in the spotlight” to “telling the truth about my personal journey,” Hilton promised to spill the beans.

It reads: “I am so proud and happy that my memoir is available for pre-order at the link in my bio. This book is the story of my life and reveals some of my most personal and private experiences that I have ever shared before.

“Growing up in the spotlight, everyone thinks they know everything about me, but the truth is there’s so much more to my personal journey than meets the eye. Although I’m nervous to be more vulnerable and open as ever, I’m also thrilled to share the winding road that ultimately led me to healing, happiness, and marrying the love of my life. I’m so proud of how I’ve evolved and overcome the incredibly dark difficulties, and I hope sharing my story will inspire others to do the same.

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