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These are the top 5 highest paid actors of Hollywood, seeing the fees of this hero, your eyes will be open


The superstars of the Hollywood industry are very rich and charge very high fees for a film as well. Today, where we are surprised to see the fees of South actors, but in front of the fees of Hollywood stars, South actors are also looking pale.

These are the top 5 highest paid actors of Hollywood, seeing the fees of this hero, your eyes will be open

When it comes to the earning of films in world cinema, then the name of Hollywood films comes first in it. Any famous Hollywood film is released on a large scale. Nowadays, the Hollywood films which are being released in India are earning more than the big Bollywood films. Actors also charge a substantial fee for a Hollywood film. When the stars of South Industry are asking for Rs 100 crores for a film these days, then it can be estimated that how much Hollywood stars would be charging. Telling about those Hollywood actors who take huge amount for a film.

Tom Cruise-

Tom Cruise is a very famous actor of Hollywood. He has no break in action films. His popularity has spread across the world. Actors charge a lot of money even for a film. In the year 2022, Tom Cruise’s movie Top Gun Maverick was released which grossed tremendously at the box office. This film was in discussion for many reasons. The Miss Impossible fame actor charged so much for the lead role in this movie that it is difficult for anyone to guess. He took Rs 827 crore and no one wanders around him in this list.

Will Smith-

Will Smith was in discussion in the year 2022 for many reasons. Their relationship did not go well on the personal front and the actor had to be embarrassed after the Oscar scandal. But it had no effect on the work of this veteran Hollywood actor. His film Emancipation made a lot of headlines. He charged a hefty fee of 289 crores for this movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio-

The Titanic fame actor has always been known for doing big films and is a very well-known actor in Hollywood. His acting world is crazy and he himself knows his worth. That’s why he has charged a very high fee for his upcoming film Killers of the Flower Moon. He is taking 248 crores for this movie. This movie can be released in the year 2023.

Brad Pitt-

Brad Pitt has been working in Hollywood for more than 3 decades. He worked in more than one film and made it a super hit. On his own, he has the ability to run any film. There are reports that the actor is charging Rs 248 crore for his upcoming film on F1 car racing. So far, not much details have been revealed about this movie.

Dwayne Johnson-

The fan following of Dwayne Johnson, who gained popularity from WWE, is exceptional. He has been a part of many adventure movies. Fans from all over the world wait for his movies. His films are full of action and adventure. In the year 2022, his movie Black Adam was released. He has charged Rs 186 crore for this movie which is not less.

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